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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lost Mitchum Calypso footage from Night of the Hunter

A short while back I posted about Robert Mitchum's dedication and skill and authenticity with Calypso, and how he actually tried to convince director Charles Laughton to incorporate some tunes into the script to "balance" the mood.

Now my research has led me to this lost reel of footage in which Laughton indulges Mitchum and actually does incorporate a song from his album of authentic Calypso hits entitled " like so."


dr. hypercube said...

My Zelda, she found her big romance
When I broke the zipper in my pants
- Allan Sherman

Lex10 said...

That tailor- he really hurt my pride;
He made my lapels an inch to wide.
-Allan Sherman again

Nathan Black said...


Great stuff...

Shouldn't you be cleaning out the garage?