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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Prelude to war song

Skin dance 
back-a-the condo 
Skin heads getting to school 
Beating on Blacks with a baseball bat 
Racism back in rule 

White trash picking up 
Nazi flags 
While you was gone, there was war 
This is the West, get used to it 
They put a swastika over the door 

Under the God Under the God 
One step over the red line 
Under the God Under the God 
Ten steps into the crazy 

Washington heads in the toilet bowl 
Don't see supremicist hate 
Right wing dicks 
in their boiler suits 
Picking out who to annihilate 

Toxic jungle of Uzi trails 
Tribesmen just wouldn't live here 
Fascist flare is fashion cool 
Well, you're dead 
you just ain't buried (yet) 

As the walls came tumbling down 
So, the secrets that we shared 
I believed you by the palace gates. 
Now the savage days are here 

Under the gods 
Crazy eyed man 
with a shot gun 
Hot headed creep with a knife 
Love and peace and harmony 
Love you could cut with a knife

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tattoo Candidates

They should wrap nicely around my massive manly bicep which I will flex in the presence of enemies and beautiful women.

"Hey Beautiful! - I'll be back to pick you up later!!"

Here, put this spider on your EYE

The spider species Argiope aurantia is commonly known as the black and yellow garden spider, writing spider, or corn spider. Ran into its clothesline of a web…and now it's on your eye!!!!

Hey Rob the funnyman, I'm still posting!

Hey funnyman - I'm talkin' to YOU! Now go find a nice private place and do some "cow punching".....