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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stones Reference in Today's Born Loser

.....with "person" as a politically correct substitution for "man".

Here's the panel:

Here's the song title as illustrated on an early EP:

and wow! somebody put it on boomp3! cool!:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentime, yes, I Said "time" for that special someone

Louder, now:

Here's a bonus:

Valentine: Two songs about love for inanimate objects

Valentine: For The Girl I Always Wished I Could Have

.....and GOT!

Valentine: My Love Pencil - I Give It To You

The Jokes Just Keep Comin' Folks!

Valentine: Childish Sex Joke Found On My Google Reader

I got one!

Vanlentine: Look at Past Entries

Nobody ever gave me a Valentine until I got married.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

REAL Calypso

Sung by the auteur of Thunder Road.

Few people know that his lust for calypso was so strong that he almost convinced Charles Laughton to do a big Calypso number instead of the "Hate vs. Love" sermon in the film Night of the Hunter.

He figured that anytime in the film he got asked about his nonsensical hand tattoos (when viewed separately- the left hand bearing AYS and the right hand bearing CLPO) he could show them how they joined together to bring happiness to people, and then bust out with "That's Right! The Woman is Smarter!" (particularly apt in scenes with Lillian Gish) or, "Mama Look a BooBoo"

This image shows camera tests for the musical numbers. Dig that crazy punim! Totally calypso, wouldn't you agree?

Here it is courtesy of Dr. Forrest's Cheese Factory LINK AT PIC and HERE

Here's Mitchum doing an impromptu duet at the Sands in '63 with The Charmer, who was later to be known as Louis Farrakhan.... Mitchum felt the Charmer "really hogged the stage" Ironic, knowing now that Farrakhan wouldn't touch a hog-

Lastly, they used to say Mitchum was so effective (at singing Calypso) that you could even skip a day.