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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Laissez-ing les Bontemps Roulez more....

Went to see the Zulu Krewe. At the end of their ride, we went all the way to the end with them, where they threw out whole bags of stuff. That's how I got these necklaces. We gave 'em out for Hallowe'en & the next year kids said, "This is the Zulu house! Zulu! Zulu!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Behold the King Cake Baby

I was working in Louisiana. It was a bad deal. But-
Louisiana was amazing. I would get out of my truck while "Mardi Gras Mambo" was playing to go & eat red beans and rice with a pork chop & sport peppers, served by 300 pound ladies with 100% gold teeth. "Poke Sallet Annie" played the minute I left seeing Pulp Fiction for the first time. "Nicky Hoeky" would play - whenever. I would eat a gator po' boy in a place with cable spools for tables and Shaquille O'Neal's shoe in a glass box. It was like a steaming, spanish moss covered movie set.

Then it was Mardi Gras. It's not like anywhere else in the US when this happens. Green Gold ad Purple everywhere - like some new holiday in another dimension. Being gripped in the fever of events, I sent a King Cake home to my family, and I guess I didn't explain fully that there was a little golden baby baked inside and that whoever got the baby would have good luck.

After my family consumed the cake and I asked by phone, "Who got the baby?" my wife commenced to search through my smallest daughter's soiled diapers for it - because there wasn't one.........or was there?

Luck. Funny stuff.

There Are OnlyTwo Rules

Number one is: "No writing on the walls."
Number two is: "Obey all rules."


Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Walk Through My Town In February.

Spooky Head In the Attic
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My town is struggling to strike a balance. It used to be like Harvest Home - people knew when you were an outsider and you stayed that way. Time wounds all heels, though. I've come to see that insularity as beneficial when faced with burgeoning jerk developers who cannot see the next empty patch of earth as anything but a McMansion twisting and torturing the law in order to destroy the atmosphere of this place. Progress stemming from a lack of insularity has given us rubber sidewalks so people in wheelchairs can get to the doctor, sidewalks that don't push children into the street at intervals and Fireworks on July 4th. In the old days they just would've left it & no complaining allowed 'cause that was proof you didn't fit in. I love it here and I hope it doesn't get absorbed by the amoeba of progress. I love it here.......

Friday, February 17, 2006

Tadanori Yokoo

Here's the link to one of my favorite artists - Tadanori Yokoo. Ever since I was 17, my vision of what art should be has been just a little..... tainted by his existence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rubbing up on punk fame in the last century

I was going through my old cassettes (the covers I made for which can be found HERE when I came across a store bought gem: Put out by a company that only distributed via cassette. I think I dropped my band's demo off there once. The interesting artifacts here are the Model Citizens doing Animal Instincts - a great example of early 80's art wave. I saw them at Carnegie Hall of all places in a "New Music for the 20th Century" presentation. What I remember is Steve Reich playing selections from "Music for Mallet Instruments" that was so beautiful I wept. (I must've just finished my 2nd coffee - that always gets me weepy - just ask my family.)Either way, it was breathtaking. Phillip Glass also noodled for about 45 minutes on the Organ, presumably to pay for all the concepts he stole from Bernard Herrmann. It was sooooooo boring I went to the lobby to stretch my legs and as I went to go back to my seat coming down the stairs as I was going up was Klaus Nomi!! - he gave me his scariest look - and I almost crapped myself! No lie - terrifying. What a schtick..... Model Citizens came out and blew everybody away - they were dressed in matching outfits in the colors of the 1964 World's Fair: Orange, & Turquoise, and screamed their heads off. It just goes to show - even Carnegie Hall's no guarantee. They had a girl singer (one of two) and boy guitarist (one of two - he rocked by the way) who went on to become The Dance (also defunct I assume). I thought the woman singer was stunning and when I went to see the Dance with a female friend she came back from the show questioning her heterosexuality after seeing this singer. Another piece on this tape is US Millie by Glenn Branca dba Theoretical Girls - an experimental artist who I saw play with a 12 guitar ensemble at Max's Kansas City shortly before it closed. We went to that show to see the Contortions, Glenn Branca and Model citizens. Contortions didn't go on until 2AM and James Chance went into the audience smacking people in the face to get them to dance. It didn't work, and when he finally smacked this one girl, her boyfriend, who was like an 8 foot tall viking stood up, hesitated for a moment and smashed James in the face. Since James was holding a mike, it sounded like a baseball bat whacking a watermelon. He went down & we went home. Another song of note from this collection was "Scream and Scream Again" by the Mumps, led by Lance Loud of American Family fame - the first reality TV show. I saw them at CBGB. I was scabbing at ABC when all the film shooters didn't want to be video shooters and used my credentials to get into a record show where I was given free records from Stiff, and met Cosmo Ohms, the sound man at CBGB. We ate lunch at the Hare Krishna Temple where I saw Andrea Goldstein who had left being an uber-hippie in my high school to become a devotee - and not of DEVO. Cosmo said "Come by tonight & you'll get in free." so I did, after he assured me that it was NOT all about bottle fights. That night it was Talking Heads. People were standing on the tables. I was hooked. The next night I saw the Mumps -Debbie Harry was there & I got to talk to her - because she was a NICE person. That song: "Scream and Scream again" is not to be confused with the version by the group Amen Corner who did it for the movie of the same name Amen corner does a cool different version of "bend Me, Shape Me" which I will post later. (By the way my Sis went on a date with Gary Loizo of the American Breed) Feeling compressive? Write to me to zip it good.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scopitones - via me - now get clickin' !!

The Scopitones website is really cool. I saw one of these machines once when I was a little kid out to dinner with my parents. My Dad was in the restaurant business so we were eating in the same place a couple of nights (for free). My Mom, one evening while we were there, got a sausage (kind of like a breakfast sausage really) in her shrimp cocktail - all sorts of innuendo and recognition of bad luck/disgustingness ensued. But I just wanted to see that Scopitone - they wouldn't let me because the content was too risque' But somehow a jukebox that played movies just blew my mind.Here's "Trapped in the Web of Love"... Why Joi Lansing you ask? Three words: Mrs. Lester Flatt. And while in this clip she's supposed to be moved instead she just seems - angry. Funny! or Funny. (if you will) Thanks to Spike @ Scopitones!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Old stuff - new skins

Here's some old pages of mine moved over to my site. Clic the pic for a direct link to oldness.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

George Liquor

Go here: - it's a Dutch guy who had the presence of mind to save all of the George Liquor Episodes from the old Spumco site (which sadly is no more). John K. is amazing and doing the exquisite Ranger Smith on Cartoon Network. Watch 'em.