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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Revisiting The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn

I was on The Woodring Monitor back in July, and saw the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn.
Blogged by Jim Woodring It's a favorite stopping place, because you get to see ephemeral, sketchy, long-lost and/or new work accompanied by his observations either direct or virtual.

My Mother used to say, "Nancy- it's never funny - It's never funny!!" But I read it every day anyway (as I suspect she did). Probably because of Ernie Bushmiller's style: enigmatically classic - you had to look at tha little spikes that comprised Nancy's hair, Aunt Fritzi's fine-bomb looks, and Sluggo's mix of guy-who-would-kick-your-ass and pal. It's how I pictured Mom's childhood - not funny.

This particular Sluggo panel got me good. I know it's gilding the lily but I just had to create this piece, so speakers up & enjoy

Wow: Mr Bali Hai at Eye of the Goof sent this analysis that can only stand as an elaboration of the beliefs of my dear deceased mother: What Is Fun? Delicioso. Now- god forbid he gives me a link.

You Tube, that wonderful resource was kinda wonky , so here's the same thing on Google video as insurance:

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Peter Rabbit the Magician Ill. by Mel Richards

Cool comb-bound kids book from 1942. Mel Richards - who I couldn't find anything about - had a way with a brush. Enjoy.

I had a Disney board game with no pieces that, when I was a child, I could literally bring to life in my mind - (especially when ill). These illustrations have that same child-mind-bending strength. Pic is link.

........................! Project Runway Spawns Two New Batman Villians

but really, isn't this enigmatic quality of indviduals attempting to present themselves as so outre' kinda the reason we watch? By no means is my world normal, but occasionally one must bathe in the exquisiteness of the imagery we're presented. Connect the dots - they're there on display for you to connect 'em - so connect 'em!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New Belt: Septwolves by Elevenwolves

I bought a belt from a chap at the local flea market. Brand new Genuine Leather- $3.00 or 2/$5.00

It had compelling imagery - a wolf running like it was in a Duran Duran song - or a wolf running like it was being chased by Satan - or a wolf running like a Tex Avery character hunting a showgirl - or a wolf running- uh - like something

So in the the pictures immediately above and below the question is raised: Which is it- Septwolves or Elevenwolves or- for that matter - Elevenwolbes

And why Septwolves - does it mean September wolves running through an autumn night - searching for Hansel, Gretel, Riding Hood, or Larry Talbot? Or does it mean Seven wolves as in the French Sept and then why seven - and not eleven? Or is it some convoluted gambling reference? And what's a wolbe?

Anyhoo, it's got a really clever ratcheting mechanism for keeping the belt on a la' a cub scout belt. But admire the herringbone back finish and the complex from-an-earlier-time manly ratchet mechanism......

.....that had this astounding attention to detail: an elevenseptwolf engraved onto the rachet spring cover! Yipe! That's detail!

These are the little plastic teeth embedded into the back of the genuine leather belt that the ratchet mechanism bites into- there's a release on the underside of the buckle for taking it off when you're wearing it.

I'm gonna buy me another!
NEWS FLASH: Whoa! They have a site! CLICK HERE

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Alan Watts + Trey Parker + Matt Stone = Appling

Flash to accompany an Alan Watts talk about our inextricability to our universe because we are expressions of it and by virtue of this there is no boundary between us and our environment. By the South Park guys, no less.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bike - an opinion

Supplement of 4/21: Home by bicycle. From 18:00- ca.20:00 most severe
crisis. (See special report.)

Here the notes in my laboratory journal cease..................................................................
I had to struggle to speak intelligibly. I asked my laboratory assistant, who
was informed of the self-experiment, to escort me home. We went by bicycle, no automobile being available because of wartime restrictions on their use. On
the way home, my condition began to assume threatening forms. Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I
also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot. Nevertheless, my
assistant later told me that we had traveled very rapidly. Finally, we arrived
at home safe and sound, and I was just barely capable of asking my companion
to summon our family doctor and request milk from the neighbors.

In spite of my delirious, bewildered condition, I had brief periods of clear
and effective thinking - and chose milk as a nonspecific antidote for

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Robot Theatre: "Royale With Cheese"

Cooked up just for you! Starring Jules 047 and Vincent r3j performing the inspired dialogue of Mr. Q. Tarantino. Conclusive proof that human actors are no longer needed.

Actually this is a draft for something I wanted to try - plus I had an itch to post.
Hey kids TV-MA so don't watch it!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today's Sunbeam - She's cheap- but she can act!

A delicious selection from the EATMOR full page ad in Today's Sunbeam.

It ran so many times we stopped cutting it out.....

Today's Sunbeam - Q: Would you like fries with that?

Crop management at its most intense:

How much more agressive can you get?

Thanks, Exploding Ovaries!