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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I don't usually do this 2

I don't usually do this 2

I sw ths bfr ny f th "bg" blgs pstd t, bt sd nh, wh bthr? S hr t s nwy. Having said that, my son instantly made observations that new media had become tools to be used like musical instruments. I thought, "Hmmm- what an observation. Take THAT Karlheinz Stockhausen !!"

I don't usually do this 1

I don't usually do this 1

I saw this before any of the "big" blogs posted it, but said nah, why bother? So here it is anyway

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mark Ryden Vids From the Game "9"

Quirky Mark Ryden clips from the now defunct & out-of-print "9" Play with Larva when you get to it. Disturbing.

LINKS at each letter
A B C D E F G H I J K = Larva L M N O P Q R S T

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ah done come up with a low-go

Hey I've been using the teeny-tiny barcode as an indiscriminate "home" link, sometimes back to here and sometimes to the Glyphjockey home page. But now I can differentiate & while the UPC was a rich-in-irony glyph, this is more directly a glyph as it is a mark left by a mason on one of the stones of St. Andrews cathedral ruins in Scotland. So, when you see the little "b" it's to back here, & without it it's to the Home Page

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Peeni Walli

I debated doing this post, but being an avid cyclist and having fallen off a bicycle at 18-20 mph I can relate to, yet enjoy the song "Peeni Walli" by Eek-A-Mouse . But more importantly it taught me a new term : Peeni Walli. Jamaican for Firefly - I guess they look different than ours- but today when this one landed on the curtains in front of me, I took it as a sign to post. Special treat at the above photo link - sing along, Beddameng!

EEK A MOUSE lyrics

A Not Quite Web 2.0 Exercise - DECALS!

I was looking at Big Daddy Roth stuff on eBay and ran across some decals - so stream of conciousnessly I moved on to decals. I loved water decals - their tacky membrane activated by water sliding satisfyingly onto glass - becoming integrated with whatever it was applied to. Add to that the wrongness of design and you've got the key to adulthood (at least to my juvenile brain).

Since I use Firefox with tabbed browsing I had opened a bunch of pages with individual listings on them. Then it hit me - I asked myself, "What am I gonna put any of these decals on?" at that point I realized I could virtually have them by virtue of capturing the images and building a slide show. So I did, & here it is. It contains basically unedited images found on eBay under the search "Water Decal"
Picture's a link:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A "Trip" to Baltimore Library

Went to Baltimore Library at 400 Cathedral Street. When I saw the venerable edifice in the home of H.L. Mencken and John Waters I decided to whip out the old Samsung SGH T309 and phone cam it. As soon as I stepped inside, a Library Policewoman (?) informed that if I wanted to take pictures of the building I had to "check in at information and get cleared to do so".

Yeah right:
Baltimore Library

What am I: William Nuthead? (as shown in this shot of wall paintings honoring famous Marylanders inside the library)

Of course not- America is still free as are its libraries and I will continue to photograph them without "checking in". Indeed.....

Monday, June 12, 2006

New Zealand Birds

I bought this copy of New Zealand Birds and How to Identify Them in St. Andrews, Scotland 16 years ago. Given a as a gift to William Borg-Watson from sergeant J. R. Simonsen in November 1943. Wishing a peaceful New Year. The book's official dedication is to "The Children of New Zealand". The picture's a link to the color plates which compelled me to make this L1.80 purchase. Also I guess some wishful thinking about seeing NZ one day.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Monkey Ends With a Tail - Er, I Mean, My Tale Ends With a Monkee

Went to L.A. for one day - got a room in Chinatown. Swam at Santa Monica and spent time at Little Tokyo - that was enough for me to want to move there.

On the way home Mickey Dolenz

of the Monkees offered me a blanket.

Sing with me now:

There he was;
Sittin' on the plane;
Offerin' me a Blan-ket;
It was quite insane!
Hey hey he's a Monkee,
With a sport coat and James Bond hat;
ridin to the Midwest;
What do you make of that?

Anyway, I put all my phonecam photos together as the below slideshow - it's short but groovy:

Evidence of My Semiotic Genius Personified in Zippy the Pinhead

Hey Looky!:

Matts made the bigtime - Zippy - on June 2nd. Enigmatic message, & expert renderings of the photos sent. Tip O' the Glyph back to Bill Griffith!!
Oh, yeah picture's a linque!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

How to drown during a water landing

I was flying on NWA this week and while reading the safety sheet I noticed that during a water landing a certain step was missing and it was so important that I felt the need to point it out with a comic strip style layout. Follow along - to panic & horror.

Now you can't blame NWA - Ice cube, Dr. Dre et al should not be held reponsible, but the company that makes these sheets up for them needs to re-work 'em. Huh? And - as always the picture' a link!!