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Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Monkey Ends With a Tail - Er, I Mean, My Tale Ends With a Monkee

Went to L.A. for one day - got a room in Chinatown. Swam at Santa Monica and spent time at Little Tokyo - that was enough for me to want to move there.

On the way home Mickey Dolenz

of the Monkees offered me a blanket.

Sing with me now:

There he was;
Sittin' on the plane;
Offerin' me a Blan-ket;
It was quite insane!
Hey hey he's a Monkee,
With a sport coat and James Bond hat;
ridin to the Midwest;
What do you make of that?

Anyway, I put all my phonecam photos together as the below slideshow - it's short but groovy: