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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I was watching the playoffs a little and I told my wife "I want one of those hats!" Y'know, a blue hat with a red bill, and that cool Indian logo on it. My wife reminded me that the hat was reprehensible because it was racist. She's right. But that cartoon is so cool

Think about it, the Cleveland Indian Logo, which now is often seen as racist, has a subtext to it:

Wild savages ready to attack.
Crazy warriors with Tomahawks and arrows.
Unrelenting onslaught.
Insane and badass.

And not a "Hey what about, 'I will fight no more forever'?" in sight, Nor a "They are enigmatic..." Also a dearth of "Our founding fathers borrowed from the Iroquois for the Constitution!!!"

Jus' WILD INDIANS. (Fun fact: Indians actually come from India!)



Now, think about it-

400 years of slavery of African Americans
Smallpox blankets sold to the Indians
Invisible weapons of mass destruction
No evolution
Shock and Awe
The most elaborate serial killers
Tasing Cops
Insert godawful thing here
In short actually INSANE AND BADASS

I think I'm gonna get these made........whaddyathink?

Monday, October 22, 2007

More Punk Baseball for The WORLD SERIES!!

Working out how to best print these in preparation for sale....Backs will have a fave song lyric instead of stats. Teams and stuff like that is purely dictated by what I found searching vs. head size...
Also, there's a little "WTF?!?! moment at the bottom.
All cards link to the total collection page.


and as so many bad interoffice joke emails say, "wait for it......"

Hey, that's not baseball !!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whoa, MORE Black Moth Super Rainbow

I was reading Graham Linehan's Blog about the Sherriff in Phoenix who tried to subpoena every website viewing record of the Phoenix New Times and I sorta skimmed it, because my blood boils three times a day over taserings, children's health care taking a back seat to war, security firms drawing guns on our troops, forgiveness for telecommunications providers that aided in illegal wiretaps, insert f'ed-up thing here, etc. etc. etc. But then I said Phoenix New Times?? Isn't that Arizona? Isn't that where Black Moth Super Rainbow comes from? Maybe they'll have a review and prove that BMSR really exists!

And they do. Their site has about a whole album of their music. Go there now

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black Moth Super Rainbow

A couple of days ago an Arizonan named subpangaean wrote to me:
"Hello Mr. Jockey sir,
Last night I happened to catch the psychedelic pop band Black Moth Super Rainbow in Tempe, AZ, and as they played they had a montage of extremely strange unexplained clips on a video screen behind them, which worked to great effect with the music. Richard Simmons workout videos, 70s horror schlock, lo-budget car commercials, 70s porn facial expressions, etc. Anyway, I found a link to part of the video, and I think it'd be right up your alley."

If not up my alley, very strongly on my block, for sure.
One thing I know, I'd go see Black Moth Super Rainbow if I was in the land of the saguaro......
Thanks, subpangaean!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Skull Got all Gussied Up for Hallowe'en

Remember the skull I showed you?

Well, it got a brand new coat of paint in Hallowe'en orange!! YAY!!!!!!

and.........that's right! It's a wallpaper!!!!!!!! Jus' click!

Poor Ol' Chuan Duong's Car

The greater Philadelphia area has as many Vietnamese/SE Asian (so where's my Lee's sandwich shop already?!?!*drool*) move in as Phoenix has Mexicans move in each year. So Senor Duong fell victim to the land of the cheesesteak and the soft pretzel. Abandoned. But it still tells a story. All pictures are links to 1024 size for ease of viewing. His English is very interesting as he tells his tale of woe, crisis and confusion.

Why do I see so many written-on vehicles? My wife was even half-related to someone that did this....

Burritos for the Deaf

Mrs Lex10 was on the phone with me the other day and had the TV on mute. She stopped in mid conversation and rewound the DVR. That is when she was sure she discovered the secret ingredient to burritos.

Incidentally, they're off the menu henceforth.

Cat People

from a street sign