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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tish- You Spoke French!

I always loved this photo of native New Jerseyan Charles Addams and his first wife Barbara Jean Day (on his left obviously)who was the inspiration for Morticia:

They all look so

Monday, November 26, 2007

Archie Zeitgeist, Because I Have Learned to Share

This post is for my daughters, but it also has a connection to the vibrant, witty, and copiously post-laden I'm Learning to Share! hosted by The In Crowd. He bought some old Archies and immediately saw the value in their reflection of the culture of the times. My daughters, by contrast, just wanted the clothes. Having said that, instead of me scanning page after page in order to reassure myself that no matter how rich the content is, no one is reading this, I propose as an alternative that you scroll down 7,000 pixels or so, and check out these covers. They are, in fact, groovy. If you are jonesing for more, I suggest you go to Mr. In Crowd's rich and deep Flick'r set His thoughts on the whole subject can be found here

One final note, and I'll keep it short because too many words turn things off, is that mine were given to me free, by Bill of Frankenstein Comics. Frankenstein Comics is the best comic store in the world. While it caters expertly to jagovs who have to have the new X-Men, it also has piles and piles of crap comics that contain long lost advertising, themes that reflect forgotten morality, odd publishers long out of business, and more. Bill knows that this is my sole interest, and handed me a box saying, "Here, these are for you, they are missing covers, have pages torn out, are falling apart, and have been cut up, so don't complain, but they are my gift to you." That's where the covers come from. The last thing I'll say about Bill is he knows the history of comics, and not your garden variety Siegel and Shuster, Stan Lee, Bob Kane BS, but how one publisher started from a prison cell, artists who drank themselves to death, who is still drawing at 114 years old, why Gold Key had no ads, and every 1/4 cover seller's location on the Eastern Seaboard since 1967. Therefore, I could never give a dollar to a Member's Only jacketed douche with a copy of Previews in his face - only Bill.

All pics link to embiggened versions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Only Polish Endorsed by the VELVET UNDERGROUND


Nuthin' like tocopherols (see large image by clicking on pic above) for a healthy leather nurse!

But...I Like Being Middle Class!

I am reminded of the Skyhooks' lyric, "Horror movie right there on my TV, and it's shockin' me right outta my brain.

Sickening imagery - beware faint hearted ones...

What the hell, here's the Skyhooks vid too....

Let's close off with one more bummer:

Like I said earlier, La plus ca change....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Hat !!

I bought a hat. It came with instructions, and an overview of its performance.

My favorite part is the new design for recycling they came up with. Delightfully meaningless.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I also gave them over to statutes that were not good and laws they could not live by; I let them become defiled through their gifts—the sacrifice of every firstborn—that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am the LORD.Ezekiel 20:25-26

God did tempt Abraham, ... And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest ... and offer him there for a burnt offering...
Genesis 22:1-2

Some small boys came out of the city and jeered at [the prophet Elisha], saying, "Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!" And ... he cursed them in the name of the Lord. And two she-bears came out of the woods and tore forty-two of the boys.
II Kings 2:23-24 the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you. Deuteronomy 20:10-17

If anyone curses his father or mother, he must be put to death.Leviticus 20:9

Friday, November 16, 2007

hey HEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Thank God fans can't make action figures, t-shirts, jackets, life size mounted heads, their own theatre showings of Detroit Rock City, pool sticks, dart boards, pinball machines, pint glasses, autographed gear, jigsaw puzzles, more action figures, demon ducks, dinner tables, impersonations of key performers on reality shows, comic books, drinking containers, framed gold records, silver coins, gold coins, bronze coins, and oh yeah, suck music - that they steal!! We'll just have to scrape by, somehow. Loyalty means nothing to these kids.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Recommendation

Went on my annual pilgrimage to See Reverend Horton Heat last night, who put on a spectacular show as always, with an added "History of Music" that left one feeling as if the price of the ticket was well worth it.

I came to the conclusion that mosh pit people are basically unable to get laid. This is, in effect, moshing's raison d'etre- a sexstitute. They just have that look. A look that says, "I will somehow lack whatever it is you need to be attracted to in order to tryst." How the f*@k do you mosh to "Happy Camper"? Anyway, a bit of advice: when they come for you, lean in.

The real treat, for which, due to scheduling conflicts, we were only able to hear the last three songs of, was what I as of last night, consider to be possibly the greatest rock n' roll band ever: Nashville Pussy.
I felt like I dropped into a Robert Rodriguez film.

They were.......


Not only was the outrageousness turned up to 11, they were mixed well and tight. Others only hope to rock; Nashville Pussy is the touchstone for rocking. They could be the house band for House of 1001 Corpses, Kill Bill 3, and any other film with guts and elan you can imagine. The stage presence is amazing: stringy-haired trucker-hatted front man with two wild uber babes on guitar and bass, with a drummer that looked like he was ripped directly from the pages of an EC Comic. Here's their wiki, 'cos I still don't know who they are or anything. They're in Washington tonight, NYC tomorrow. GO. They're on first, like who, so get there early and don't make my mistake.

In the middle was Hank III and unfortunately, despite a great fiddler, slide guitar player, and bassist, it fell short - followed by the grandson of Hank Williams playing 45 minutes of non-sequituresque thrashmetalpunkyellingchants as their alter ego, Assjack. The first half's sound could've been at a casino (as my son so aptly put it) and the second half just was like a 200 decibel explanation of the rules of cricket. Don't get me wrong - there was a lot of good about his band, but Nashville Pussy pretty much killed them for me.

I was however mesmerized by two band members: The fiddler, who possessed an expression of such deep-seated glee at playing the fiddle, that I don't think you could find a happier more authentic looking country fiddler in all the picture books of country music in the universe. And the bass player- who provided an unrelenting kaleidoscope of asexually framed hatred, pain, confusion, hurt, indignance, and perverse introversion on his face - he was fascinating, and if I were casting a horror movie, this guy would have a job in about 5 minutes.

This picture doesn't even come close to the experience of him gesticulating wildly with obscene and/or hostile finger positions (like mudras of hate and pain and anger) while screaming profane epithets at the audience at the conclusion of a song....... Genius:

Last: Here's some images- the futility of phonecamming in that type of environment leads one to get all impressionistic as a way of salvaging them - first Nashville Pussy Followed by two Horton Heats:

But - OHHHHH! None are wallpapers - f#@*k it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

WET Magazine: July/August 1981

Here's another copy of WET, this time with a story about a New York potter's field, an agonizing study of artists in real estate, some wacky exercises (I did 'em!).... at length interview with David Lynch,

and a story about music women, featuring possibly the best photo of Debra Harry ever:

I can remember being not so sure about LA, at the time, but now, I'd go tomorrow.

All pics link to the mag......

Friday, November 02, 2007

Calendars 4 Sale: Dollar Store Celebrity Hoochies

Just in time for the Holidays! The much loved Dollar Store Celebrity Hoochie Calendar!

Mark time as they imbibe! Tick off days as they run around in a haze! Count the months 'til rehab ends!

Send one to a prisoner! Makes a cutting edge, zeitgeist grabbin' Christmas gift! Great for a godless Russian Communist New Year Gift! (S'novy Godom!) Buy eight for Hannukah! Oy! Or beat the rush and give 'em out at Thanksgiving!!!

(or above, or below for that matter......)

Support independent publishing: buy this calendar on Lulu.

Original Post Here, if you're wondering what the fuss is about, or if you'd like to see the gals again......

La plus ça change, la plus c’est la même chose

Except the gap between rich and poor everywhere has grown wider, ready to suck you into the poor side next.
I miss matte keying