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Monday, November 26, 2007

Archie Zeitgeist, Because I Have Learned to Share

This post is for my daughters, but it also has a connection to the vibrant, witty, and copiously post-laden I'm Learning to Share! hosted by The In Crowd. He bought some old Archies and immediately saw the value in their reflection of the culture of the times. My daughters, by contrast, just wanted the clothes. Having said that, instead of me scanning page after page in order to reassure myself that no matter how rich the content is, no one is reading this, I propose as an alternative that you scroll down 7,000 pixels or so, and check out these covers. They are, in fact, groovy. If you are jonesing for more, I suggest you go to Mr. In Crowd's rich and deep Flick'r set His thoughts on the whole subject can be found here

One final note, and I'll keep it short because too many words turn things off, is that mine were given to me free, by Bill of Frankenstein Comics. Frankenstein Comics is the best comic store in the world. While it caters expertly to jagovs who have to have the new X-Men, it also has piles and piles of crap comics that contain long lost advertising, themes that reflect forgotten morality, odd publishers long out of business, and more. Bill knows that this is my sole interest, and handed me a box saying, "Here, these are for you, they are missing covers, have pages torn out, are falling apart, and have been cut up, so don't complain, but they are my gift to you." That's where the covers come from. The last thing I'll say about Bill is he knows the history of comics, and not your garden variety Siegel and Shuster, Stan Lee, Bob Kane BS, but how one publisher started from a prison cell, artists who drank themselves to death, who is still drawing at 114 years old, why Gold Key had no ads, and every 1/4 cover seller's location on the Eastern Seaboard since 1967. Therefore, I could never give a dollar to a Member's Only jacketed douche with a copy of Previews in his face - only Bill.

All pics link to embiggened versions.