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Friday, September 29, 2006

Monday, September 25, 2006

Moblog - Boulder

Looming mountain black- hippie capitol dances - america high .....a haiku

ZIPPY the chimp 1953

You heard me....

I have nothing to say !!! It's the middle of the night (-5:00 GMT BTW) fer chrissakes!!! Now just look the hell at it.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

George Formby Sings!

Georege Formby is another of those phenomena that proves the UK is another dimension. He did 22 movies and was a top box office attraction in England in the thirties. If he was American, you'd be able to pick up a box set of his work anywhere. But you can't buy a single DVD of his work at Amazon UK

There's a George Formby Society that's almost pathological in their love for him, and he has had his songs used on several U.S. TV commercials.

He had a funny face (to paraphrase Drew Friedman) and the long, protracted shots of him trying to figure out what to do with it while he strummed his banjomandolin can verge on the unnerving.

So- here's a song about ladies in woolen underwear:

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cool Internet Archive Aspect for Books

I am always posting stuff from books & comics:
Andy Warhol's Little Red Hen
The History of Architecture & Ornament
Boody Rogers' Sparky Watts
Ricordo di Pompeii
Acupunture Without Needles
Peter Rabbit, Magician
Problem is, it's hard to scan 'em without smooshin' em.
I bought a tripod but still need to create some sort of harness to hold the books.

But... I have since found these cool resources at Internet Archive:
The link in the text and pic were chosen because thay illustrate what regular folks are trying to do - provide scanned as well as OCR voulmes in digital form at one resource. C'est schwett - ou - chouette, si vous plait!

I'm also posting this at my work blog:
where there's videos of the cool stuff we make.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

More Guinea Hen Antics

Guinea Hen 092006 01
Guinea Hen 092006 02
Guinea Hen 092006 03
Guinea Hen 092006 04
Guinea Hen 092006 05

This was at least a quarter mile from their house. They actually allowed me to drive right up to within inches of them at about 15 mph, and they did not react. I could have killed at least 8 of them easily. I am continually astounded at their complete lack of a survival instinct. They certainly can contibute to a haunting landscape....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little Roquefort - a comic ... and a wallpaper!

Little Roquefort was created by Paul Terry of Terrytoons fame.

Now here's where I make a confession: this kind of comic was more satisfying to me than any Superhero stuff (but I read that too-) I feel the same way about TV it's almost all comedy- what's wrong with me??????

Anyway, here's the link to a nice 11 page story with much threatened violence but ending with the milk of human kindness spilled everywhere
This picture's a link to it too, if you don't want to aim:

And as always (nearly) a link to a psychedelic Little Roquefort wallpaper:

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Flippin' Fun Family Fall Funk!!

............n' don't yew fergit it!

n' here's a got-dang link to a cool wallpaper:
Click awn the lil' pitcher !!!!!


I've started to. So watch this in celebration.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pli Lingvoj Almetis.

Kompreneble oni neniel povas efike komunik ĉi tiu se vi ne parol La angla, tiel ĉi tiu eniro estas En Esperanto! Mi estas nun uz Google traduko paĝoj. Ili estas pli rapida kaj pli fidinda.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oru - Kami = Origami

I bought my daughters origami paper at the Rochester Library shop. The papers were so compelling in their vibrancy, I had to do this QTVR of an Origami tesseract, if you will. Swirl that mouse, babies!

Picture=link ^^^

Here are the sheets:
Red Foulard
Yellow Clams
Green Sphere
Green Flower
Purple Sphere
Blue Flower

Monkey! - Delicious Anis Gorila........

This was something that belonged to my brother-in-law's dad: Anis Gorila anisette.

He was Abruzzese - but it was Puerto Rican (Mayaguez)

No interest in drinking it - but whatta label!
This little picture's a wallpaper link:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They Won't Starve You

I think this place got it's name because of the long defunct Starlight Ballroom across the street. It was a hair band nightclub (Bon Jovi played there!!!! Squeal!!) My punk band played there once- in a lazy, misguided attempt (as usual) of "making it" & we got booed off the stage, I'm proud to say. It was a sea of navy & purple polyester organza and mousse stink. They knew what rock was, dammit & our band was NOT it!!

But I digress. Who's their marketing people? Star-View? Starve You?


Haunting eh? The food's good - there's an old man who plays mandolin - it's good - really. Salty, yet efficient waitresses and a delightfully New Jerseyan waiting-to-whack-that-stool-pigeon architectural style.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Banksy's Paris Hilton Disc

Someone was kind enough to post these images (available from here as a zip) of the 500 mashups of the new Paris Hilton (one of the poster childen for what's wrong with Earth) CDs that Banksy surreptitiously installed into inventory at several UK record stores.

FLICK'R set here
Kids- R Rated- get permission y'little jerks!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Speedway, Oh Speedway, Raceday, Oh, It's Raceday

Long lost Alan Vega. out-of-print & reprint-out-of-print
Not for the timid. Speedway's probably one of the best Rock n' roll songs ever. The songs were:
Bye Bye Bayou
Ice Drummer
Juke Box Babe
Kung Foo Cowboy
Love Cry

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wrong on so many levels

This Sparky Watts(general info info here)

is by Tom DeAngelo not Boody Rogers. As the Sparky general info link states it's Boody's but he didn't do this one - a little more sedate, and it doesn't have that I-worked-on-Smilin'-Jack look to it. Still, Got some nuttiness to it tho...enjoy!

Tabloid fun July 22-28 1962

This is a disturbing journey. No need for pithy commentary - it will write itself in your mind. Pitcher's a lynk.