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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Belated One for Richard Wright

Get off me 'cause I'm late - he's late, too, just in a different way... Y'know Us and now.

Pope vs. Frog

Ratzinger comdemned this sculpture, because - hey - that's what Popes do ! Well, that and advising third world Catholics not to wear rubbers despite rampant AIDS. He's obviously never lived in a wealthy white sururban community with Goth Teens and graveyards!

I gotta say, compared to Piss Christ and Manure Mary this is kinda lightweight, more like something and old lady would put in her garden so the froggies could pray.....

NYT has the tale of the toad headed for hell here.

Kippenberger's work, which I quite enjoy, (sort of a Yokoo/Warhol influenced pop based exploitation of reproduction methods, amongst other things...) can be found here at SFMOMA (quite tiny images, but hey, they kick photographers out now, so the usual care to display properly may have just gone by the wayside.)

Lastly three things:

1. Yeah I know it happened while back but nobody talked about it except the press and

2 & 3. Here's two frog songs!

Really this second one's about Frenchmen (Hey Phantom - everybody secretly want to be French!)

Gun Molls

I dug KylaZoe Luedtke's Gun Molls series. Via Bright Stupid Confetti

Visual Migraine

Over at the interesting & cool Known Johnson site (great name, huh?) he describes in detail the experience of getting a visual migraine in traffic. Yipe. Plus he creates a pretty good representation of this ineffable phenomena, which I have included below in flash - just genius. I hotlinked the flash, so it might disappear if he or she feels I have not paid enough homage.
I haven't had one of these in forever, probably as a result of being no longer employed by greedy, self-centered bullies. So Yay.

Mine usually were a little more see through, and in the shape of the number 7. Never any pain. Just weird.

Do me a favor, don't tell me I'm gonna die or something - K?

Remain Calm, or Not......

As Shoukichi Kina (of the album Peppermint Teahouse) Sings Hana.

10 minutes unwasted.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moblog: Colorado Springs

Nuthin' says 'pull me over' like a Guernicamobile. Except wait, we're out west, so it could be the mayor's car...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

4,000 Hours of New Meek

Totaling over 4,000 hours of music, they contain previously unheard songs by Billy Fury, Tom Jones and David Bowie's first band, the Konrads, as well as forgotten 60s stars as the Honeycombs, John Leyton and Heinz, all of whom had UK No 1s with Meek.

Hey who wants to hear a new world? One can only hope that some selfish don't-touch-my-records,-man completist jerkoff doesn't get 'em......

But let's do the math:
300,000.00GBP is $534,606.67
divided by 4000, it's about $133.00 per hour of music or $100.00 per LP's worth of tunes!

So even if it's 2,000 hours of Bowie's drummer farting, production costs to release the releaseable stuff is pretty much zilch.

Via the Guardian
and hey- read my Guardian clippings!