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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sequitur: a Flash Comic + Weirdness

I'm working on a concept piece using "Three Quarter Covers" comics (comics remaindered but given credit for by returning the title area or the top quarter of the cover to the distributor) called Sequitur, using largely non-verbal panels to form a concept stream.

Don't yew judge me! Don't judge me!

The picture immediately below is a link to SEQUITUR

BUT That's not all!!!

I found a couple of other oddities while collecting the images for Sequitur:

First, this pre-Bruno Magli OJ Simpson ad for Dingo boots!

(Link to bigger on click)

Next, this LOLmeme panel from 77 Sunset Strip Comics

Lastly, Barney Bear trying to get his chickens to explore alternative lifestyles....

Link to bigger above^^

The chickens looked shocked, I must admit.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Reminiscences of Dear Old (Filthy) Dad

He made these recordings with a pal around 1947.

Seven years later and maybe fun was rapidly diminishing...

They've been banged around quite a bit, and the sound is atrocious, but listenable in an Edison wax cylinder kind of way.

I had them in a film can backfrom my college days- the school was so unsure about teaching film that we'd get castoff bargain basement stock.

I cleaned it them up real well, and here's the type of disc- Metal center, acetate(?) skin.

Here's the audio:

The first one "Recitations" is basically a string of misogynistic, race-based, if not actually racist, jokes. Being a son of an Eastern Eupropean coal miner made good as a shoe repairman, anybody was fair game, I guess. Either way it's gourmet old-timey filth.

The next one, "Piano Solo" is him pretending to play (he didn't) while saying things over the music.

The final two are ribald songs with live guitar.

First one

Second one

While going through these 78's I found a signed copy of Malaguena b/w Harmonica
Boogie by the Harmonicats

Here's "Harmonica Boogie", because Malaguena had a pretty good ding & I might want to use my phonograph again sometime.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Expertly Deployed and Delicious Asian Ice Cream Treat

Samanco Red Bean Ice Sandwich made by Binggrae foodes - makers of "Feel" Shakes and the "Metacone" - beautiful and delicious. For me, red bean as a dessert doesn't really work. I know it's ubiquitous in several Asian cultures, but...blegh.

These "Ice Sandwiches" however are different, whether it's the combination of flavors or the amount of sweetner in the bean, it's more reminiscent of chocolate than a treat from a culture that isn't that hung up on dessert and tries to substitute more entree material instead of goodies.

It's a little edible fish (?!?!?!) shaped box (.....cause I think "fish" whenever I'm having Ice cream!) made out of - and this is pure genius - Ice cream cone material!!!

Inside is a healthy schmear of red bean, but it's not gross as stated earlier...

Here it is with a big ass bite taken out of it:

Fishy says: "Ow! My face!!"
Purchased at Han Ah Reum Market (H Mart!) impeccably clean, cross-cultural, and fresh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's Inside an Escalator?

Why, remains of misbehaving children and the severed feet of those who failed to tie their shoes properly of course....

Monday, June 04, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me.

It's supposedly a "meme" (I'm not seeing the virality of it, tho- so to me it's a "thing"), but it's forced me to cut the mental cheese to a certain degree...

The Rules: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag eight other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

Marty Weil at Ephemera has tagged me.

Ecch. Here goes:

1. I believe reality is a construct of our conciousness as much as it is a set of empirical cause and effect phenomena and that both states coexist.

2. I love me some Zombies. Zack Snyder/James Gunn's Dawn of the Dead, Zombi, 28 Days Later, Planet Terror, The Original Night of the Living Dead and its remake ....the list goes on..... my whole family probably thinks more about what to do in case of a Zombie attack than in case of a fire. I never watched horror until about 4 years ago.

3. When I see an ocean or a baby, I feel as though I am looking into the face of the universe itself, and will always spend a little time letting the ocean sink in or greeting the baby.

4. I infrequently have flying dreams, but the best ones are where I'm in a contraption that never gets higher than, say, 35-50 feet off the ground.

5. A large part of my attitude about art stem from visits to MOMA as an adolescent. Kienholz, Lichtenstein, Yokoo, Rauschenberg, Wesselman, the Lumia Suite, the ability for film or a vacuum cleaner to be art all changed me.

6. I have a degree in film, but after my wife informed me I knew nothing about it I realized knew nothing about it. I was behaving like an egg-headed dilletante. I have been since reborn into the world of Turner Classic Movies.

7. I have eaten fugu.

8. This space intentionally left blank.

Those I will tag shall remain undisclosed, because I hate all "Boycott Amoco on Wednesday and we'll lower oil prices" "Send this email to 5 friends and Bill Gates will make crippled children walk" kind of stuff, yet I feel there's some post-profile validity to this. Conversely, if you want me to tag you just ask! :

Friday, June 01, 2007

Old-Timey Rivals

1 Free with every pack of Sumatra brand cigarettes:

Mick "Stilton Socks" Jagger

Jack "The Mick" Lennon (The nickname often leading to confusion on the part of Ring Lardner et. al..)

See every card here

And today's excruciatingly appropriate tune: