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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Expertly Deployed and Delicious Asian Ice Cream Treat

Samanco Red Bean Ice Sandwich made by Binggrae foodes - makers of "Feel" Shakes and the "Metacone" - beautiful and delicious. For me, red bean as a dessert doesn't really work. I know it's ubiquitous in several Asian cultures, but...blegh.

These "Ice Sandwiches" however are different, whether it's the combination of flavors or the amount of sweetner in the bean, it's more reminiscent of chocolate than a treat from a culture that isn't that hung up on dessert and tries to substitute more entree material instead of goodies.

It's a little edible fish (?!?!?!) shaped box (.....cause I think "fish" whenever I'm having Ice cream!) made out of - and this is pure genius - Ice cream cone material!!!

Inside is a healthy schmear of red bean, but it's not gross as stated earlier...

Here it is with a big ass bite taken out of it:

Fishy says: "Ow! My face!!"
Purchased at Han Ah Reum Market (H Mart!) impeccably clean, cross-cultural, and fresh!