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Friday, November 28, 2008

Here's What I did on Thanksgiving the insistence of my progeny. Brad Neely's Wizard people. We did it the way he described starting the audio and the DVD at the same time n' all. Most enjoyable.

Sample here:

Neely's audio to sync up with your DVD player here:

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Good, Solid Reason to Hate Cable TV

The Riches was canceled. Writer-struck timing issues supposedly.

The G.S.R for hating cable is not because I dug this show, but because unlike antenna TV which is funded by advertising and has the right to pull the plug on a show, because they are obligated to be able to afford production, FX, a cable TV channel, gets paid either way for each and every cable subscriber PLUS they get paid by advertisers. While FX has Always Sunny, they are not exonerated. They could have possibly said, "screw it, there may in fact be engaged viewers who are looking to tie up loose ends, but really fuck 'em- who give a shit about our viewers? We won't even consider a 4 episode season for those jerks who pay a cable bill and watch commercials on FX !! They don't deserve the courtesy of even a one episode tie-up! Seriously, our viewers? They like animals!" Then agaion it might not have gone that way, but imagine - it's more fun that way.

So my questions to the "Producer" whose real title should be "skinflint accountant" who pulled the plug would be:
What happens with that badass Irish guy?
Does Cael get beat/killed/something?
What about Dahlia making out with her parole officer?
Does DeeDee escape to college?
Does Nynah get a new bong?
Will Dale be made into a sniveling bitchboy?
The detective looking for Arye Gross? What happens there?

The show, hopefully surmisable from the questions, was in full bore shit going on mode, not slogging along in "we wrote ourselves into a corner" mode....

One can only pray, Senor Jerkface plug puller, that you will see not dime one from Eddie Izzard's Obama-style-funded indie Riches Movie hey, just like wathcing FX, I'll be happy to pay twice - once to produce & once to watch - without commercials......

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fumetti Rebus

All yellowy for your puzzle solving pleasure. Fumetti-style -yeah! You there, yeah you, don't write the answer on your screen, idiot!

Moblog: Morning stroll

Arcade of trees

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bottlecap Rebuses

The pic below links to a giant view of 10 easy-to-view bottlecaps consumed by 10 different individuals - moderation all things, gang!

The pic above links to a giant view of 10 easy-to-view bottlecaps consumed by 10 different individuals - moderation all things, gang!

From inside the caps of Lion's Head Lager. Most assuredly NOT antique, but how cool. Not some dreary, humorless a-hole marketing yutz (which describes 90% of these shoulda-been-accountants-instead self deceivers (See? I exonerated you, marketing based reader!(See? parentheses within parentheses!))) driving me to register at some web site. Or nothing for that matter. Just a challenge to the ol' Broca's area to see if it's time to ease up. Or to check if you're not smashed enough, if you're staying in, I suppose. Either way, I can't see any modern day corporate manager I've ever met that would hypothetically say, "Yeah! Let's do that!" Well, maybe Richard Branson. Really a time-gone-by type of je ne sais quois, quintessence, lagniappe.
Tasty too.

Oh yeah, worthless prize to the first correct answers (since I can't answer two of 'em you might be able to fake it) Sorry - no consecutive winners, "K".

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nashville Pussy


What can I say?

Oh well- yes I can.

Last year we walked in late to their opening set at that Horton Heat show. We vowed then & there that we'd see 'em again.

Parade magazine will never feature them. Wayne Cochran is your mother compared to them. Wait, Stiv Bators is your mother compared to them.
They will never be lying on their death beds asking themselves "What was that all about?"
Their show is a full-on 100% Screaming Mimi (or screaming Meemie) assault on the very existence of rock n' roll. If they worked in a grocery store, You'd be greeted at the door, every item would be exactly where it belonged with the right prices, the floors would be immaculate and the produce fresh, and you would zoom through checkout. That's how hard they work. Like hard workin' bastards, who are forestalling their executions by playing for the Governor.

The staging is flawless: they look at each other, and blast! things happen right on cue. The drama don't stop. It's intuitive but looks well thought out.

The last song, Ruyter tore the strings off her guitar - when I asked Blaine how she manages to do that, he replied, "Hey she's got great chops."


Phonecam doesn't do it justice, obviously, & I lost 2 closeups while talking to band members (forgot to hit save) so I have adulterated, to give an impression. Maybe successful.

Special show treat: Blaine sings Ace of Spades with Reverend Horton Heat