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Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Y'Know, Marketing is Dreary and Sales is Humorless

......and the horror of that causes people who went into marketing, thinking it would be an outlet for their creativity, to start doing something on their a blog.

So another one just got born- Vision Pixie
It's the outlet for a pal of Lex10's, and she is definitely strangulated doing what she's doing when compared to her ability to corral a bunch of people and make them see what she wants them to see.

It's a human doing the human thing: zetzing, gushing, ironizing, observing, and occasionally showing you stuff that would never happen in your life.

Now go, look and encourage.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Ninja Warrior Super Haiku

This time with a twist....

don't break my balls, please
yes- I know the Haiku rules
this has something more

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I REPEAT: How Do I Like My Eggs!?!?!?!

How to describe Eggs a' la Moe? Perfection. Cooked only on one side, but covered for the second half of the cooking process, so that the yolk is still liquidy but all outer membranes and protein are fully cooked. Tenderly treated like a woman's love. Tenuously hanging onto that perfection, not telling the same joke over and over or attending the same activity too many times as to overcook the, I mean eggs. Oh beautiful eggs, don't disappoint me. Then bitten into. (ho HO!!)

The idea behind it is their nearly symmetrical beauty, and untrammeled color (from not being flipped). However, if you are in the mood, you can "dirty 'em up" with red pepper flakes, cracked black pepper and dried herbs. Go ahead- you might find those eggs actually encourage you., quivering there, bulbous and glistening. Saying, "That's right! Yeah! Do it!" In fact egging YOU on.........

See my previous post on this boring friggin' subject.

The image below is, a wallpaper (with some ultra-artistic f-ing around- yeah, that's right, I could improve your personal-corporate-product image...... in fact you wish I would) as is the case so often here at the GlyphJockey blog.

More Robot Fun: What Does Robby Do When He's Alone?

This was on TV and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Thanks to DVR, I went back and shot it off the screen, there are subtitles, because I couldn't believe my ears. Very short so pay attention & most of all, enjoy this self-writing burlesque blackout-style gag.

Forbidden Planet

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robot Theatre: Don't Tase Me, Bro

Back with another installment of Robot Theatre. Hip to the Zeitgeist, the Robots have put together a little drama about recent events in Florida. It's very violent, so brace yourself for some real pain.

Robot Theatre: "Don't Tase Me, Bro.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yarr Like a Yarr Day or, Talk Like a Pirate Day

"There were still remaining some few prisoners who were not wounded. These were asked by L'Ollonais if any more Spaniards did lie farther on in ambuscade? To whom they answered, there were. Then he commanded them to be brought before him, one by one, and asked if there was no other way to be found to the town but that? This he did out of a design to excuse, if possible, those ambuscades. But they all constantly answered him, they knew none. Having asked them all, and finding they could show him no other way, L'Ollonais grew outrageously passionate; insomuch that he drew his cutlass, and with it cut open the breast of one of those poor Spaniards, and pulling out his heart with his sacrilegious hands, began to bite and gnaw it with his teeth, like a ravenous wolf, saying to the rest: I will serve you all alike, if you show me not another way."

-from The Buccaneers by A. O. Exquemelin

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ninja Warrior Super Haiku


Found skull- discovered by Mrs. Lex10.

Pop Gear

Let me start by saying that I went through all my old vids and maybe only one or two weren't on YouTube already.

Having said that, I recently watched Pop Gear again. This movie has some phenomenally oddball performances. Annnnnd....90% of them were in fact on YouTube. So- I gleaned 'em and here's a bunch well worth a look.

It's introduced by Jimmy Savile - possibly king of the jerkoffs. (Okay, okay, great guy etc., etc.- but hey I ain't English!)

HOWEVER- first up is something from that film that wasn't on YouTube: the gold pants dance sequence - if you like gold pants like I do, then this video is for you. You're welcome for the upload, massive fan base!

Comes next, (as my son used to say when he was a baby) is the Honeycombs singing Have I the Right, which is notable for two reasons:
The friggin' mentally-challenged-cousin-type on rhythm guitar, and the fact that the drummer, I'm pretty sure, is a dude in drag....

Tommy Quickly gives a performance of Humpty Dumpty that can only be described as excruciating. I want to punch his face off every time I see it. If I didn't have such a nice TV, I might punch it. This video infuriates me so.......

I'm punching you in my mind Tommy Quickly! In fact, I'm punching punching itself!!

UPDATE could this be another version of a sort of cultural idiom? Help me, massive fan base!!!

The Four Pennies doing Where Did you Sleep Last Night ain't no Leadbelly, but their interpretation is such a screamingly loud (for the era) go at it, sort of an end-of-folk-Dylan-at-Isle-of-Wight event, that it's quite enjoyable.

Billie Davis singing Whatcha Gonna Do? is like watching a live Thunderbirds character singing. Exquisite. Dee-lish. Helium-y. Puppet - puppet - puppet.

Steve Winwood in the Spencer Davis Group stands as exemplar of some of the great performances from this film (The Animals, Herman's Hermits, et al) so I'm including it.

Last is the creepy butt dance being done by the Roger Daltrey clone in this performance of Tobacco Road by the Nashville Teens (whatta name!) The Butt dance is mesmerizing in a scoliosis/back brace/uncontrolled intestinal problem kinda way. The performance is good tho.

All the great performances, with the exception of Matt Munro, a super boring lounge singer, will be watched over and over by me.

Wanna buy it?
Go Here:

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.

I've been sitting on this for a while now (so it's nice and flat) because I was worried about too much comics stuff, but the PCL Linkdump (where I contribute) put up the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack and I decided it was time....

So, here (and at the image) is the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Comic!!

It also got me thinking about a friend I had when I first got married who loved the Man From U.N.C.L.E. He writes movie scripts and has a blog- go see it: The World of Wolcott Wheeler. He's got a dark vision!

Every U.N.C.L.E. story was referred to as an "Affair" this use of euphemism reminded me of this routine by the great Mitchell & Webb:

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bend Me, Shape Me, Already!!

So, I'm over looking at The Perfect American, in awe of the whole scene, the style the volume, the insanity, and it led me to dailymotion (this appears to be mrjyn's upload site of choice) where I found these. I've already blogged about this chicken-and-egg conundrum (my feeling is that it's an American song turned English)

Lastly, check out Freddie Mercury on bass in the American Version!!!!!

This guy scootaway - the original uploader - must wonder the same thing I suppose.

As a bonus, here's the theme song from Scream and Scream Again - an awesome movie, by Amen Corner:

Sorry, last thing I'll say about it......

Monday, September 10, 2007

OOPS - Wrong Sticker

I was going to moblog this one, but I had to clean it up a little.
One gets a warm feeling knowing their EMS worker has an "Angel of DEATH" sticker in their car window.........

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Caption: Trim us! Trim us! We are too long and sharp!

A Response/Add On To "Poon is a Hug"

When I first saw this in the film "Don't Knock the Rock" my eyeballs almost fell outta my head.

Years later, I got to meet a couple of the remaining Treniers at Resorts International, in the hole known as A.C. Nice guys. seemed a little embarassed about this performance, though - perhaps it was because they had become so lounge and mature.

We did not poon upon departing, by the way........

The entry "A Poon is a Hug" can be found here.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Martin Parodi

....commented on my Flip the Frog video, and sent me an interesting experimental recutting of the same cartoon intended to be played behind a live band, with surprisingly good results:

When I was in a band we used to show worm dissection films , and a video of me dragging a fish around the house (that drove the cat nuts...) with the disappointing effect of preventing folks from dancing...

While trying to figure out who he was I looked at his YouTube profile (gateway to spam!) and found this video,

which I found visually interesting and sentimental, too. I also like the music. Bravo, Martin from Aregentina.