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Friday, September 28, 2007

Let's Join the record club !!!!!!

Click on either image for a giant view, dollinks! From Our Army at War #277 February 1975


Unknown said...

Holy crap, three procol harum albums....... I am so old.... I owned at least half of these... thanks

BENBENEK said...

Like most pre-1986 print graphics, the amazing thing to behold (and to realize) is that the type and general lay-out was done (literally) by hand using a stat camera, an Ex-Acto knife and maybe one sheet of rubylith...looks like most of the stock type is ARIAL.

Nobody in commercial graphics nowadays(using expensive computers) would ever think to do an "ugly" design like this today.

These old half-tony Columbia Record Club ads are really classic pulp visual material.

Columbia Record Club must've had quite a sizeable graphics department, so it all adds up to F-U-N.

keep blowing things up

Houseplant Picture Studio

Anonymous said...

BENBENEK claims that no one would create an ugly design like this, but in reality there are droves of people who are trying to recreate this kind of cheap, low-grade printing trchnology with digital methods. I agree that it's "ugly", but truly beautiful when enlarged. That image of Billy Joel is scary, and definitely more interesting than his music (Ok, cheap shot).

I miss cutting amberlith & rubylith!

Anonymous said...

VPS Idaho chiming in from Boise, Idaho.

Nice site and way to keep "analog art" alive.

We're into all things associated with vinyl music and some of the titles shown in the image are in the collections of our members.

Check us out sometime: or

Thanks for the post!