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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2012 Artifact*

There's some symmetry here:
  • It's kinda like post-hunting activities, which is one of Sarah's hobbies;
  • Jesus taught in the ancient Americas according to LDS, which is Glenn's religion;
  • It's all Mayan-y;
  • If you don't love Obama, two birds/one stone (knife);
  • If you love Obama, you're proud that he went down fightin'
  • If it doesn't work, we'll all be dead anyhoo.
  • It's not gonna work - so don't actually do/condone it. 
It's comedy (yes, but at whose expense?)  sniff 

    *Disclaimer: i don't believe in violence as a solution to political problems. I do not actually believe that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin would kill or attempt to kill, even with a Mayan god's OK Barack Obama. I think that while heavily challenged, President Obama is doing pretty good - I wouldn't wanna be in his shoes. The humor is based on the mumbo-jumbo I hear from birthers, tea party members, quitters, crackpots, 2012-ers, the engineers I work with, and pundits who make up their own new acronyms and words on-the-fly. Peace and Love should be our guiding purpose. Lastly, as of this writing, I believe that Jared Loughner is schizophrenic and has no actual viable agenda that could tie him to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or the Tea Party - sheesh, already! USA! USA! USA!

    Proudly banned by the 2012 photoshop contest cowards at Huffington Post

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Betelgeuse - My Brain Doesn't Hurt a Lot

    Well, a little. It'll f-up Betelgeuse's left shoulder, and I will miss that familiar wintry configuration.
    BUT MY BIG FEAR was that if it went supernova, and the commensurate Black hole formed was that its event horizon would be greater than the 1300 light years in distance it was from Mother Earth, and we would be sucked into it.
    BUT I found that this was not even close, Ha! In short, it's Schwarzchild radius will be too short for this to happen.
    And then after figuring all this out I realized that somewhere somebody with a doctorate (or perhaps a 10 year old girl) would have figured this out and Bowie would die even richer owing to his song Five Years gaining renewed meaning.

    But since we're not going to die, from being into a black hole caused by the collapse of Betelgeuse's supernova, Moby, whose song We Are All Made of Stars ' assertion will be in fact demonstrated by the neutrino shower that will be caused by Betelgeuse's going all supernova, adding to Earth's (and all forms upon it's) mass, yet not earn him one thin neutrino bombarded dime more than his endless cell phone commercial presence.

    BUT NOW I am scared that two suns will burn us to a crisp. What's the deal there, eggheads? Hah? HAH?!?!?!

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    I Admit It - I Know Nothing - Sylvia

    I just discovered that the Pillow Talk Sylvia

    is the same Sylvia as in Mickey and Sylvia,

    and that she founded Sugar Hill Records!!! Jesus!

    Oh sure- YOU knew all that!

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Directorial Math

    Just saw Black Hawk Down for the first time, and it occurred to me:

    You may commence disagreeing with

    Lighter, Less Howl-y

    Smokey Hogg's version of Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl, in which his record company wrests credit away from the legendary Big Bill Broonzy.

    Over at Be Bop Wino Done Gone, first introduced to us by Baikinange on September 22nd 2009

    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    Hobo Dictionary OCR
    Ptak Science Books has this cool post: Tramp-Speak of Antiquarian Road Warriors: ABC's of Tramps, Hobos and Vagabonds

    It had scanned images, but was unsearchable and out of order, so I OCRed it, and listed the terms below.
    Another fine book is the fascinating Panzram, which uses many jail/criminal terms, explaining their meanings along the way.


    Mission Stiff — one that eats in Mission soup lines
    Bindle Stiff — one that carries a small bundle
    Ding — one that bums cash on the street
    Gay Cat — one that watches while the other does something generally illegal
    Ding Bat — a tramp that is crazy
    Wire — a tramp that makes wire articles and peddles then
    Mush Faker — a tramp that makes a fake and peddles it
    Dummy — a tramp that is deaf and dumb
    Sticks - a tramp that uses crutches or sells pencils, or both
    Chuck Simple — a tramp that is always looking for something to eat
    Reader Stiff — one that carries a cheap peddlers' license or a doctor's report that keeps the law from bothering him too much
    Wingey — a tramp without an arm
    Legs — a tramp without legs; ironical, what?
    Inside Ding — a tramp who bums business houses and offices for cash
    Jingle Cat — a tramp who won't lot another tramp around his fire
    Gandy Dancer — a tramp that works on a railroad track
    King Snipe — boss of gandy dancer in his section or otherwise known as section boss
    The Queen — King snipe's wife
    Shine — Negro
    Native — Local resident
    Home Guard — the same as above, only more so
    Hoosier — a greenhorn tramp
    Okie — poor people from Oklahoma
    Arkie — poor people from Arkansas
    Tex — poor people from Texas
    Booster — a tramp shop lifter
    Lumps — a tramp that buns houses for only sandwiches and coffee
    Hod Man — a holdup man on the tramp
    Live One — tramp with money, or anyone with money
    Mark — the same as above
    Hack — sucker in a card game
    Box Man — a safe cracker
    Peteman — the same as above
    Reader — a license, doctor's papers showing ill-health, etc. Doctor's papers can be bought at the right source
    D. A. — District Attorney
    Specs — a tramp with eye glasses, or who peddles cheap glasses
    Wolf — a tramp to get boys for immoral purposes, usually assadomy
    Punk — the boy who is the victim of assodomy (sic -me)
    Gunsel — the same as above
    Gazconie — the same as above
    Fruit — a moral pervert
    Fruit Merchant— the same as above
    Queer — same as above
    Hooker — a prostitute
    Hay Bag - a woman tramp
    Jingle Buzzard — a tramp that eats by bumming another tramp in the jingles
    Jingle, or Jungles — the place down the track where tramps cook
    Sticks — same as above
    High-Powered Tramp — one who can bum anywhere and get it using all methods
    Junker — a tramp who finds and sells junk to a junk dealer
    Junkey --a tramp who takes dope
    Timber — a tramp that works in the woods once in a while
    Timber Beast — a man who works steadier
    Timber — pencils or pencil peddler
    Wine --a tramp that drinks wine to fill the tine
    Dehorn -- a tramp that drinks rubbing alcohol all the time
    Canned Heater — a tramp that drinks Canned heat all the time
    Stool — informer to the law
    Bird they call the pigeon — a stool pigeon, or informer
    Town Clown — the Constable
    Light Flyer — a tramp that sleeps and travels with an overcoat
    House Cat — a tramp that bums houses
    Sally Stiff — one that eats at Salvation Army soup lines

    Words Having to do With Food

    Slippins — gravy-
    Odds & Ends — pieces of meat hacked off by butcher-waste
    Hoofs & Horns — the same as above
    Toppins — dry pastry
    Gold Mounted Toppins — pastry rich on top
    Silver Mounted Topping — not quite so rich
    Punk — bread
    Dummy -- bread
    Lilly White — liver sausage
    Rosy Red — Bologna
    High Powered Toppins — pies and all extra rich pastry
    Jimok - coffee
    Shep — mutton or sheepherder
    Gumps — chicken
    White Wash Dinner — a meal with everything thickened with flour
    Doe-gods — hot cakes
    Bacon Butt — bacon ends
    Scoff - to have coffee
    Coffee Up — to bum houses or stores for coffee
    Chuck Up — to do the same thing to get food
    Nickel Up — to present butcher, baker and grocer with a nickel and a story - but short!
    Dime Up — same as above
    Pie Card — a meal ticket
    Buzz Up — to eat another tramp's food
    Spider — frying pan
    Gallon Canser — a tramp who carries a gallon can to cook in
    Fire Irons -- Irons used to lay across cane to cook on with he fire underneath, of course


    Dice Box - large merchandise box to sleep in, generally used in the east
    Balloon — a tramp's bed-roll
    Flop - a bed anyplace
    Flop-house — a cheap hotel or rooming house Kip — a bed
    Hippins — straw or something to sleep on Sugans — quilts
    Grouch Bag — Bull Durham sack fastened to the tramp's belt or on a string around his neck
    Gander — to look
    Gape — the same thing
    Cat House — house of prostitution
    Biscuit — a watch
    Fake — anything a tramp doesn't have a name for readily
    Clink — jail
    Can — jail
    Bohunk — about any foreigner
    Boil Up Can — usually a five gallon can to boil and wash clothes in
    Shackin Up — living in a shack and bumming the community
    Jingling Up — cooking, washing, etc. in the jingles
    Shive — a knife
    Rod — a gun
    Do a Stunt — work a little for food or money
    Short Stake — one day to a week's work
    Factory - any building that cans or makes things
    Marble Orchard — a grave yard
    Sniping — looking for a cigar or cigarette snipes
    Grape Up — to talk nice to law or boss
    Sally — Salvation Army
    Double Cross - the Red Cross
    Pogie — poor-house
    Benny - an overcoat
    Dashboards — bib overalls
    Priding the Cushions — paying the fare on a train or bus

    Words Concerning the Railroad

    Hog — big locomotive
    Malley — big locomotive
    Cushions — passenger car
    Gon — gondola
    Flat — flat car
    Crummy — caboose
    Reefer —- refrigerator car, tramps ride in ice end if there is no ice in it
    Cow Wagon — cattle car Box — box car
    High Iron — main line of railroad and heavier rails
    Frog — the point where switch is made from inside mainline track
    Fish Plate — steel plate to hold rails on ties
    Hogger — the engineer
    Smoke Pot — the fireman
    Con — the conductor
    Shack — the brakeman
    Flag — the flagman
    Dik - the railroad police
    Hull — same as above

    Sunday, January 02, 2011

    Fabric Pattern/Animated gif

    From The Fleischer Brothers' Betty Boop cartoon A Language All My Own. July 19th 1935.

    Here's the animated gif- a cool, but money-saving cycle:

    I also thought that it would be a good fabric pattern: