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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Betelgeuse - My Brain Doesn't Hurt a Lot

Well, a little. It'll f-up Betelgeuse's left shoulder, and I will miss that familiar wintry configuration.
BUT MY BIG FEAR was that if it went supernova, and the commensurate Black hole formed was that its event horizon would be greater than the 1300 light years in distance it was from Mother Earth, and we would be sucked into it.
BUT I found that this was not even close, Ha! In short, it's Schwarzchild radius will be too short for this to happen.
And then after figuring all this out I realized that somewhere somebody with a doctorate (or perhaps a 10 year old girl) would have figured this out and Bowie would die even richer owing to his song Five Years gaining renewed meaning.

But since we're not going to die, from being into a black hole caused by the collapse of Betelgeuse's supernova, Moby, whose song We Are All Made of Stars ' assertion will be in fact demonstrated by the neutrino shower that will be caused by Betelgeuse's going all supernova, adding to Earth's (and all forms upon it's) mass, yet not earn him one thin neutrino bombarded dime more than his endless cell phone commercial presence.

BUT NOW I am scared that two suns will burn us to a crisp. What's the deal there, eggheads? Hah? HAH?!?!?!