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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soon I Will Post The Gum

Okay, I have a job & family, so I can't do a whole set but would love to. Feel free to make this type of work my living - you who are empowered to do so. As the summer progresses, I'll continue, maybe, and will print them and sell them at the all-Glyphjockey Store I'm opening soon. (Remember: "everything is for sale"). As far as selections, I'm currently goingw ith the "I like who I like" method, but since it seems to matter, I paid a little more attention to the teams this time. And....with music!

He's got a Wiggle Stick Momma,


Everything in it's Right Field

That smile's for all the kids who want to grow up to be just like him....

Lastly, somebody asked for Iggy's rookie card before he got traded to Philly and got all morose (I don't blame him)

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Life of Garbage

Found this copy of TV Mirror from 1975. Endless stories of bad soap stars amongst the listings, but more astoundingly, a hair-raising selection of column ads that really emphsiaze the benefits of electrically assisted massges......

Friday, May 25, 2007

My LOL Presidents

Couldn't stop.
Fark's running a contest using presidents based on LOL Cats. Not usually my thing, but I started laughing...
Go vote for mine, (they're way at the bottom) or not 'cause here they are:

The Exquisite Hippy Experience

Let's see some detatchment now, monks!
8 Monks + 2 Days + 1 little kid=

Here's the messenger from the universe at work:


Now go listen to "Happiness Runs" by Donovan at the top......

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Moblog Religious Nutmobile

Happenin NOW children!

All Aboard for Fun Time

When he's on the Diamond, he's got a Lust for Life!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where Are They Now?

Why, Playing Baseball, of course!

He was reading about Duchamp and one thing led to another.

Spits more Mail Pouch tobacco than Lenny Dykstra at the height of his career.....

Just something I wanted to try - rush job, but I'm happy - it's outta my head.....


Chris Dean's Lenticular Art

I will rarely do this, but sometimes as a contributor at PCL Link Dump (That's right - bitches) there's stuff I post that I like so much I want it here too. So, in keeping with my GlyphJockey = 85% Fresh! motto, here's that post:

Chris Dean's lenticular art has grown out of his installations involving 3D imagery. The work has a very outsider feel, with the added coolness of being flicker pictures. I want this. I want to do this. His description of the path to these works is actually interesting- devoid of Art in America-speak.

Via the cool blog Bright Stupid Confetti, which in the same post has children's drawn interpretations of Radiohead songs

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hitler Fish

We went to Fish n' Stuff to buy cheapo feeder goldfish for the pond, because they:
A: Eat mosquito larvae all gone and,
B: Provide a little sustenance for the 3 frogs in the pond too.

On the drive back, my daughter said' "Hey, a Hitler fish!" and damn if she wasn't right..... see what happens when Karma's got you? He must be on his 97th rebirth go-round, huh?

Here's some images, the last one, which DOES NOT feature the Hitler fish, is a link to a bee-you-ti-ful wallpaper. 40 fish in a bag, ready to get wild.

On to der fuehrer's face:

As a young paperhanger in Austria, not yet a world ruining vegetarian:

Giving a hate filled rabble rousing speech:

Standing up arrogantly for the reich:

Goofing around by doing his Mussolini impression:

Just generally looking oppressive

In the bunker, in disbelief at the invasion of Berlin:

Lastly the wallpaper - no fishes were harmed, at least until froggy met them....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Circleville Ohio Cemetery

Passing by - had to stop. The uncomfortableness Timmy had about walking through cemeteries has finally passed - 20 years after his death. Good 19th century sculpture, plus modern zing. Looky. Link @ pic

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

What's inside my brain today?

This pretty much sums up the core visual theme for me from my earlist childhood memories
-of smoke wafting off the pages of a flip book that had Roy Rogers firing his six-shooter - I swore it happened...
-of my sister preventing me from looking at the rainbow-colored box a plunger-style top came in, its compelling colors tractor-beaming my mind
-of the lady on Romper Room turning to me adressing me personally
-of flicker cards
-of little viewers that were junk
-of Kenner Give-A-Show
-of Viewmaster


Know my brain. It's safe to do so.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On Behalf of my Daughter -The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, M.K. my M.B.
In your honor, here's a tribute to something you hipped me to:

The Life of Riley starring William Bendix:

You, falling asleep to it in your room night after night, me, wondering about its staying power. I was too young to grow up with radio, but it was easy to see this was expert writing suited to the medium. "What a revoltin' development!" became part of the phraseology around here, and Digger O'Dell one of the ghosts that haunted our senses of humor.

But William Bendix wasn't good as Riley because he got lucky. He had a prodigious career, and if you never experience him in anything else, see him in Lifeboat if you haven't yet. It was post-Riley that I reexperienced his performance for the brilliance that it was.

This picture links to's complete listing of episodes in .mp3 format

This picture below is a link to 174 streaming episodes of the Life of Riley. He's bound to do a couple of his meat commercials in there somewhere.

Here's his IMDb listing
Here's a (it's amazing!) tool that shows when he'll be on U.S. TV next
And here's his Wikipedia entry

Happy Birthday, and....................poopoopeepee!!!!!

I know, I know- less words.