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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On Behalf of my Daughter -The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday, M.K. my M.B.
In your honor, here's a tribute to something you hipped me to:

The Life of Riley starring William Bendix:

You, falling asleep to it in your room night after night, me, wondering about its staying power. I was too young to grow up with radio, but it was easy to see this was expert writing suited to the medium. "What a revoltin' development!" became part of the phraseology around here, and Digger O'Dell one of the ghosts that haunted our senses of humor.

But William Bendix wasn't good as Riley because he got lucky. He had a prodigious career, and if you never experience him in anything else, see him in Lifeboat if you haven't yet. It was post-Riley that I reexperienced his performance for the brilliance that it was.

This picture links to's complete listing of episodes in .mp3 format

This picture below is a link to 174 streaming episodes of the Life of Riley. He's bound to do a couple of his meat commercials in there somewhere.

Here's his IMDb listing
Here's a (it's amazing!) tool that shows when he'll be on U.S. TV next
And here's his Wikipedia entry

Happy Birthday, and....................poopoopeepee!!!!!

I know, I know- less words.