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Monday, May 14, 2007

Hitler Fish

We went to Fish n' Stuff to buy cheapo feeder goldfish for the pond, because they:
A: Eat mosquito larvae all gone and,
B: Provide a little sustenance for the 3 frogs in the pond too.

On the drive back, my daughter said' "Hey, a Hitler fish!" and damn if she wasn't right..... see what happens when Karma's got you? He must be on his 97th rebirth go-round, huh?

Here's some images, the last one, which DOES NOT feature the Hitler fish, is a link to a bee-you-ti-ful wallpaper. 40 fish in a bag, ready to get wild.

On to der fuehrer's face:

As a young paperhanger in Austria, not yet a world ruining vegetarian:

Giving a hate filled rabble rousing speech:

Standing up arrogantly for the reich:

Goofing around by doing his Mussolini impression:

Just generally looking oppressive

In the bunker, in disbelief at the invasion of Berlin:

Lastly the wallpaper - no fishes were harmed, at least until froggy met them....