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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Soon I Will Post The Gum

Okay, I have a job & family, so I can't do a whole set but would love to. Feel free to make this type of work my living - you who are empowered to do so. As the summer progresses, I'll continue, maybe, and will print them and sell them at the all-Glyphjockey Store I'm opening soon. (Remember: "everything is for sale"). As far as selections, I'm currently goingw ith the "I like who I like" method, but since it seems to matter, I paid a little more attention to the teams this time. And....with music!

He's got a Wiggle Stick Momma,


Everything in it's Right Field

That smile's for all the kids who want to grow up to be just like him....

Lastly, somebody asked for Iggy's rookie card before he got traded to Philly and got all morose (I don't blame him)