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Thursday, September 04, 2008

4,000 Hours of New Meek

Totaling over 4,000 hours of music, they contain previously unheard songs by Billy Fury, Tom Jones and David Bowie's first band, the Konrads, as well as forgotten 60s stars as the Honeycombs, John Leyton and Heinz, all of whom had UK No 1s with Meek.

Hey who wants to hear a new world? One can only hope that some selfish don't-touch-my-records,-man completist jerkoff doesn't get 'em......

But let's do the math:
300,000.00GBP is $534,606.67
divided by 4000, it's about $133.00 per hour of music or $100.00 per LP's worth of tunes!

So even if it's 2,000 hours of Bowie's drummer farting, production costs to release the releaseable stuff is pretty much zilch.

Via the Guardian
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