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Friday, August 29, 2008

Generic Teen

Smoke In. Sleep In. Bed In. Love In. Be In. Sit In. What could be left?

Teen In 1968 - a weird sort of a rock magazine and comic that featured characters that were of that generic Archie clone look. US manga, huh? But overall intended for chicks. That's right I said it - I said "Chicks". Chicks chicks chicks.

A lot of the regular schtick......(rhymes with chick, no?)

also a romance story that was in B&W - why? Was it to save money? After all the publisher was Tower Comics

There was a story featuring this half-wit proto-Moose....get this, named "Animal" ... I guess the publisher didn't have to pay full rate to the artist if not all the characters had eyes.....

Here's that embiggenable-by-clicking tale:

Dig the cool 1940's onomatopoeia noise drawings - very Alley Oop or Buz Sawyer, dontcha think? Incongruous-ish.

Notice how I didn't de-yellow 'em this time? I felt the warmth helped...

But my favorite parts were the interstitial rock articles featuring prominent musicians of the day.

Like this one about what pisses off the Cowsills (link at pic) especially tragic in the light of such bad ends some of them came to- not very Partridge Family at all...

and the Music Explosion (Lil' Bit O' Soul) with much sartorial descriptiveness:

and...and... "The Girl That I Marry" featuring Jim Morrison - heart throb. Haha... these girls don't know he's a raging drunk with an Oedipus complex!! Just get on the blue bus, Susie and Tammy! The west is the best!

Also I always thought it was "Cream" not "The Cream" I guess I stand corrected!

lastly, Miss Nelson was definitely trying to make sure no one stole this from her - I hope it wasn't her only possession......