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Friday, August 29, 2008

Yee-Haw! Cowpokes "Lose" Leger Painting

Léger Painting Lost

Oklahoma- From Wikipedia:

"Major land runs, including the Land Run of 1889, were held for settlers on the hour that certain territories were opened to settlement. Usually, land was allocated to settlers on a first come, first served basis. Those who broke the rules (emphasis mine) by crossing the border into the territory before it was allowed were said to have been crossing the border sooner, leading to the term sooners, which eventually became the state's official nickname."

Now who their right mind would loan anything valuable to residents of a state that is proud of the fact that cheaters established it? I mean look at the musical, chicanery, knives in shoes it's not just bad, it's bad. In addition, they call northerners "Yankees" and many of them consider themselves southern (most notably Merle Haggard)despite them being a Western/Midwestern state, establish in the 20th century. The gypsies have a saying: "After shaking hands with an Oklahoman, count your fingers."

Luckily no Oklahoman has slept with my wife, but they probably have slept with yours. Think back - you know I'm right. Moving on- Leon Russell, prominent Oklahoman "rustled" the Bangladesh concert away from George Harrison as well as appropriating the Mad Dogs and Englishmen show from a pre-suckfest Joe Cocker - Oklahoman trickery again! Jim Thompson the great noir writer and Oklahoma transplant, tell story after story about cheating Hotel guests in Bad Boy, and draws a pretty grim picture of what to expect if you're an Oklahoma cowboy in King Blood....all learned from people in the land where the corn grows as high as an elephant's eye. Then he wrote The Grifters. Hmmmmmm....

Plus, Doctor Phil. No explanation necessary- right Britney?

Mark my words: Some var-mint is at this very moment eating a chicken fried steak while Woman and Child look on.....

Oh yeah, kidding, my OK buddies! Haw! Please note: I have at no time used the pejorative "Okie" to refer to y'all. Now put away yer six-shooter - you know I'm hotter than a road lizard!