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Monday, August 04, 2008

McCain's Gas Pump

Ok, I guess he Is old... I mean, what's up with this gas pump from that Obama-is-to-blame-for-high-gas-prices-for-some-obtuse-and-goofy-reason ad? Jeeezus! Does it have a crank? Where would the local Fire authority approve the use of a pump like this? Do they give stamps? Free Brooklyn Dodgers glass with every fill up? Well, I suppose when servants "gas up" for you, you lose contact with technological changes. Even ubiquitous obvious ones.

...and he shows Obama smiling, which I think is supposed to look mocking or disdainful or smarmy or something

but for me all I can see is this......

Y'know you approve this message when you're part of the uber-rich aristocracy, and can't understand the semiotics that might trip you up, because "Hey that's a gas pump!"