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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

They Won't Starve You

I think this place got it's name because of the long defunct Starlight Ballroom across the street. It was a hair band nightclub (Bon Jovi played there!!!! Squeal!!) My punk band played there once- in a lazy, misguided attempt (as usual) of "making it" & we got booed off the stage, I'm proud to say. It was a sea of navy & purple polyester organza and mousse stink. They knew what rock was, dammit & our band was NOT it!!

But I digress. Who's their marketing people? Star-View? Starve You?


Haunting eh? The food's good - there's an old man who plays mandolin - it's good - really. Salty, yet efficient waitresses and a delightfully New Jerseyan waiting-to-whack-that-stool-pigeon architectural style.