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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Link to last year's post, which contains some lovely cards and transcription of the messages on their reverses.


Anonymous said...

insulting the religious beliefs of any human being is the worst thing you can do...just because you do not understand what this picture means to millions of hindus in the world, does not mean you can post whatever crap you want on the internet.

glyphjockey said...


You misinterpret my using Hanuman's serene expression in the same space as a western symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday as insulting. Perhaps I should have included an explanation.

What does one do when one's a Hindu at Thanksgiving in America?

Conceivably, He or she is inundated with the imagery of this beautiful native bird, (I don't know if you've seen one in the wild, they really are beautiful) and if they're a good vegetarian would never eat it. That's why it's alive in the picture, and not on a platter.

Secondly, if all the Gods have been aware that a Hindu has lived the right way, the waves of Karma will not dash against him or her so hard, and presumably this will bring some feelings of gratitude. Or a desire to give thanks.

Lastly, from an artistic perspective, both images were from postcards, which I felt lent some juxtaposition license. And good, happy, not bad, angry, feelings. Y'know, more on the side of enlightenment and not on the side of taking offense.

If you notice, Hanuman's not picking his nose, holding a banana, saying in a talk balloon, "I'm stupid!" or anything like that. It's an image of a brightly colored Hindu deity, with the top symbol of the holiday for that day in my country, which freely allows Hindus to worship.

So, sorry you think it's crap, I will not ask you to lighten up, and I forgive you, even if you don't want to be forgiven, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Lastly, this wikipedia link.
Has no refernce to images turkeys being forbidden in proximity to images of Hanuman.

Especially on 25 cent postcards.

I promise, next Thanksgiving - no Hanuman, no matter what feelings of gratitude it might instill in my heart.

glyphjockey said...

one other thing...I could have rejected your comment, but I didn't want you goin' around with your blood boiling - save that for the real insults.