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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Not Quite Web 2.0 Exercise - DECALS!

I was looking at Big Daddy Roth stuff on eBay and ran across some decals - so stream of conciousnessly I moved on to decals. I loved water decals - their tacky membrane activated by water sliding satisfyingly onto glass - becoming integrated with whatever it was applied to. Add to that the wrongness of design and you've got the key to adulthood (at least to my juvenile brain).

Since I use Firefox with tabbed browsing I had opened a bunch of pages with individual listings on them. Then it hit me - I asked myself, "What am I gonna put any of these decals on?" at that point I realized I could virtually have them by virtue of capturing the images and building a slide show. So I did, & here it is. It contains basically unedited images found on eBay under the search "Water Decal"
Picture's a link: