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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Revisiting The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn

I was on The Woodring Monitor back in July, and saw the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn.
Blogged by Jim Woodring It's a favorite stopping place, because you get to see ephemeral, sketchy, long-lost and/or new work accompanied by his observations either direct or virtual.

My Mother used to say, "Nancy- it's never funny - It's never funny!!" But I read it every day anyway (as I suspect she did). Probably because of Ernie Bushmiller's style: enigmatically classic - you had to look at tha little spikes that comprised Nancy's hair, Aunt Fritzi's fine-bomb looks, and Sluggo's mix of guy-who-would-kick-your-ass and pal. It's how I pictured Mom's childhood - not funny.

This particular Sluggo panel got me good. I know it's gilding the lily but I just had to create this piece, so speakers up & enjoy

Wow: Mr Bali Hai at Eye of the Goof sent this analysis that can only stand as an elaboration of the beliefs of my dear deceased mother: What Is Fun? Delicioso. Now- god forbid he gives me a link.

You Tube, that wonderful resource was kinda wonky , so here's the same thing on Google video as insurance:


Anonymous said...

Neo: No.

As Agent Smith fires, Neo just puts his hand out. The bullets slow down and stop in front of him. Neo looks at them and picks one up. He looks at it and then drops it to the floor. He looks at the rest and moves his head down. They all fall to the ground. The Agents stare, and all take a step back.

Joshua Conner said...

What's the background music? It's perfect.

The whole thing is perfect.

Elan Morgan said...

I've watched it five times today. It sucks all the rage right out of me.