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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Revisiting The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn

I was on The Woodring Monitor back in July, and saw the Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn.
Blogged by Jim Woodring It's a favorite stopping place, because you get to see ephemeral, sketchy, long-lost and/or new work accompanied by his observations either direct or virtual.

My Mother used to say, "Nancy- it's never funny - It's never funny!!" But I read it every day anyway (as I suspect she did). Probably because of Ernie Bushmiller's style: enigmatically classic - you had to look at tha little spikes that comprised Nancy's hair, Aunt Fritzi's fine-bomb looks, and Sluggo's mix of guy-who-would-kick-your-ass and pal. It's how I pictured Mom's childhood - not funny.

This particular Sluggo panel got me good. I know it's gilding the lily but I just had to create this piece, so speakers up & enjoy

Wow: Mr Bali Hai at Eye of the Goof sent this analysis that can only stand as an elaboration of the beliefs of my dear deceased mother: What Is Fun? Delicioso. Now- god forbid he gives me a link.

You Tube, that wonderful resource was kinda wonky , so here's the same thing on Google video as insurance: