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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My New Belt: Septwolves by Elevenwolves

I bought a belt from a chap at the local flea market. Brand new Genuine Leather- $3.00 or 2/$5.00

It had compelling imagery - a wolf running like it was in a Duran Duran song - or a wolf running like it was being chased by Satan - or a wolf running like a Tex Avery character hunting a showgirl - or a wolf running- uh - like something

So in the the pictures immediately above and below the question is raised: Which is it- Septwolves or Elevenwolves or- for that matter - Elevenwolbes

And why Septwolves - does it mean September wolves running through an autumn night - searching for Hansel, Gretel, Riding Hood, or Larry Talbot? Or does it mean Seven wolves as in the French Sept and then why seven - and not eleven? Or is it some convoluted gambling reference? And what's a wolbe?

Anyhoo, it's got a really clever ratcheting mechanism for keeping the belt on a la' a cub scout belt. But admire the herringbone back finish and the complex from-an-earlier-time manly ratchet mechanism......

.....that had this astounding attention to detail: an elevenseptwolf engraved onto the rachet spring cover! Yipe! That's detail!

These are the little plastic teeth embedded into the back of the genuine leather belt that the ratchet mechanism bites into- there's a release on the underside of the buckle for taking it off when you're wearing it.

I'm gonna buy me another!
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