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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Walk Through My Town In February.

Spooky Head In the Attic
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My town is struggling to strike a balance. It used to be like Harvest Home - people knew when you were an outsider and you stayed that way. Time wounds all heels, though. I've come to see that insularity as beneficial when faced with burgeoning jerk developers who cannot see the next empty patch of earth as anything but a McMansion twisting and torturing the law in order to destroy the atmosphere of this place. Progress stemming from a lack of insularity has given us rubber sidewalks so people in wheelchairs can get to the doctor, sidewalks that don't push children into the street at intervals and Fireworks on July 4th. In the old days they just would've left it & no complaining allowed 'cause that was proof you didn't fit in. I love it here and I hope it doesn't get absorbed by the amoeba of progress. I love it here.......

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Dan said...

I'm a Woodie in and out!!! Born, raised, career bound, and building my own family right here in Woodstown :) And I TOTALLY hear you about all the new houses going up... Starting to really piss me off. Taxes only going up EVEN higher and more dumb teenagers going 100 mph down back roads... I feel your pain!