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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Scopitones - via me - now get clickin' !!

The Scopitones website is really cool. I saw one of these machines once when I was a little kid out to dinner with my parents. My Dad was in the restaurant business so we were eating in the same place a couple of nights (for free). My Mom, one evening while we were there, got a sausage (kind of like a breakfast sausage really) in her shrimp cocktail - all sorts of innuendo and recognition of bad luck/disgustingness ensued. But I just wanted to see that Scopitone - they wouldn't let me because the content was too risque' But somehow a jukebox that played movies just blew my mind.Here's "Trapped in the Web of Love"... Why Joi Lansing you ask? Three words: Mrs. Lester Flatt. And while in this clip she's supposed to be moved instead she just seems - angry. Funny! or Funny. (if you will) Thanks to Spike @ Scopitones!