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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Iggy’s Warwick, RI. The clams were good, but not...

Iggy’s Warwick, RI. The clams were good, but not Tommy’s. Good quality clam, just not impossibly light The Quahog was great, and the Rhode Island clear chowder? Like… clam broth, chicken stock and ….nothing? Just potatoes and clams. By no means a fail, just maybe an acquired taste. Would definitely return- good execution. Tommy’s still the winner. Oh and not shown, a bag of “doughboys”.. doughnuts that look stepped-on; like a beignet’s mafia brother. Really chewy good. Toxically yay. LAST THING: Alla yiz need ta MAKE HOMEMADE TARTAR SUACE!!!!! (at Iggy’s Doughboys, Chowder House, Boardwalk & Creamery- Lobster & Clam Bar)

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