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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cool Internet Archive Aspect for Books

I am always posting stuff from books & comics:
Andy Warhol's Little Red Hen
The History of Architecture & Ornament
Boody Rogers' Sparky Watts
Ricordo di Pompeii
Acupunture Without Needles
Peter Rabbit, Magician
Problem is, it's hard to scan 'em without smooshin' em.
I bought a tripod but still need to create some sort of harness to hold the books.

But... I have since found these cool resources at Internet Archive:
The link in the text and pic were chosen because thay illustrate what regular folks are trying to do - provide scanned as well as OCR voulmes in digital form at one resource. C'est schwett - ou - chouette, si vous plait!

I'm also posting this at my work blog:
where there's videos of the cool stuff we make.
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