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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I Hate Reality

I can no longer remain silent. Here's some ideas, TV whores: 
  • Storage Weddings 
  • Pajun Cawn 
  • Gator Auction 
  • Outhouse Impossible 
  • Ham Hock (meat Pawn Shop)
  • Cajun Toddlers and Tiaras 
  • Auction House Wives 
  • Auction Pawn Storage Hoarder Cajuns 
  • Extreme Smokers (Cigarettes or meat- either way you got a show) 
  • Hoarder Barbecue 
  • Storage Wives 
  • Bacon Wedding 
  • My Addiction Wedding 
  • Pawn Intervention 
  • Top Hoarder 
  • Hair Chef (for people with pica
  • Cajun toddler wedding

1 comment:

ZL said...

Backfat Wedding
Hot Noose Wednesdays
Bonzo for Baphomets!
Wet Punk Straddle
Opus V: Dilp
Tip Shift
Puddle Muffins
Wifting Wilma