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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dinner at Tom Douglas' Palace Kitchen

Ribeye salad with pear, arugula and simple Salem PA Gorgonzola - not as fatty as the cut looks.Head almost fell off from the symmetry of flavors. Yow,
Venison terrine with blackcurrant and pear mostarda - less pear and more mosatarda would have improve this dish that had a lot of potential - that port/red wine(?) reduction was like melted Yankee Candle. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't a fail - just needed tweaking...
Pork schnitzel with egg - the ghosts of my mother and father, for differing culinary reasons called out to me while eating this - a wonderment, if also a nutritional sin. Like all these dishes a sweet fruit component that this time really, really worked, like Mom's fried apple rings in the same type of flavor profile menu.
I know I'm just a paying peasant, but this entire meal, even with its terrine flaws, appealed to my Eastern European roots. I'd go back tomorrow. I should mention - the waitstaff knew provenance, suggested beverages expertly and responded in a non-slacker fashion to criticisms of the terrine. They were seriously one of the highlights of the meal - out of the way, but champs when present.