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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Mad Peck

I really debated about doing this one, because the online resources were so sketchy (no pun intended).

The Mad Peck, when I read him, was doing comics in the Village Voice every week and that's a lot of what's featured in his book, Mad Peck Studios: A 20 Year Retrospective which I guess is really, really out-of print.

He covered the coolest music of the late 70's and early 80's with style. Stuff I never would've considered listening to. The amazing thing was he's the only person I know of (from the intro to the book) to get harrassed by record companies for sending mix tapes to his friends, a la the DRM fiasco going on in the world today. (See Glyphjockey's The Cassette Project)

The book also had the distinction of being the only book in my library that ever just sort of - fell apart. I've still got it tho-

Maybe I'll try to get hold of him to see if I can post some pages.

Any way the picture's a link to Reverend Dan's Music for Nimrods (he'll have some good Hallowe'en music, you betcha) which has some strips and HERE is the link to Naragansett Bay Novelties, which is The Mad Peck's site, but kind of only sports older stuff and HERE is the Wikipedia link.