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Monday, December 22, 2008

December 1941 Famous Funnies

Comics that aggregated newspaper comics and reprinted them along with some dedicated content. Dense and serialized. Read along with me - I have not yet.

Fearless Flint protects America's property from South Sea Islanders working on the as yet unfinished Mount Rushmore:

Connie - that it - just Connie - mixes it up in space (this one's a wallpaper):

Oakey Doakes gets chased by a rare Euro Panda:

A very early Steve Roper reenacts that purchase of Native American lands:

Santa messes up:

Plus Margaret Bourke-White, Jacqueline of Holland, and freaky tranny-style Albanians!

All pix (except the one with the wallpaper link) link to the comic