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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moblog: Whatat the hell is this thing?!?!

*kaff* *kaff*


Anonymous said...

Holy Schnit! I haven't seen one of those things in forever! They used to be everywhere. I thought they were illegal now.

jeffconn said...

obviously a cigarette vending machine. get out much? ;-)

glyphjockey said...

I'm not so sure... it had things like "Marlboro" and "American Spirit" - I thought it was some kind of Republican philosophy dispenser.....and yet at $5.75 per transaction I felt that constitutional rights decay should have come much cheaper.... I promise to put 23 quarters in it next time I'm there to find out if what you say is true, and I will inhale deeply holding the smoke in my lungs, to confirm they are, in fact, cigarettes.... also known as cigs, ciggies, butts, coffin nails, fags, smokes, squares, and shabadoos.

Anonymous said...

Any Red Apple Tans?