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Monday, June 22, 2009

J. Proctor - Performing Splendidly

I received this email recently: "Hi lex10 sorry to be a pain (Oh no not more emails) but if you have a spare 30 seconds could you tell me what you think of this song (linked to youtube)
I have put a link on the video so that you can download and keep the screen capture software (as a thank you for watching) which can be used to record your screen and sound, I use it to create online lectures for the College where I work
kindest regards John Proctor.
PS if I am being a pain I am really sorry and just ignore this message"

Well, John, you're not being a pain, your rendition has the three airities: sincerity, clarity, and jocularity. you sing clearly as a friendly bell, with great confidence, and nice choice of song. well done.

Now how 'bout a nice repurposing of early punk hits?