Did I mention?........ KING O' THE WEB!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Not really - just kiddin'


D. Jon Moutarde said...

Yeah, actually, that would be something like me. My chihuahua mix would be happy to confirm it.

glyphjockey said...

Keep posting......

dog lover said...

Hi Lex! My name is Irina.
I am on your blog for the first time in my life and hardly
I can tell what exactly sparked my interest in your profile.
I do not think that any profile is able precisely to define
all qualities and all depth of the soul of the person you are looking for.
But you were what I wanted to write. I'm lonely, single, 30 years old woman.
There's nothing wrong with me, but I can't expect to find the men of
my dreams in a bar or at a club. Those places are for superficial people
whose only judgment upon you is based on appearance and not the content
of their character.

glyphjockey said...

Lucky for you, I'm a stud of eastern European extraction. I smell of smoked meats and wax beans with dill.