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Friday, October 02, 2009

Judy Henske's Unfortunate Leg Meat

The scene below from Hootenanny Hoot! features Judy Henske, the speculatively real-life Annie Hall (ew- bangin' Woody Allen..... ew, but then again, it may have never occurred) I absolutely hate this type of folk music and this ADD-style performance, full of squinched up feelin', is no exception. It is soaked in hyperdramtic oomph.

But the car crash I cannot look away from is Judy Henske's leg meat at 3:13. She's a fit girl, and everybody has both relaxed and tight musculo-skeletal states, but the way that one section of thigh starts flailing and wobbling - jiggling doesn't come close to describing it at all - becomes a thing of fascination, completely taking over the experience of the song. Yipe. And not the good kind of yipe. It runs wild, poking the eyes with it's thrashing, and one has to ask, didn't the continuity person, director, assistant director, editor or producer notice it? My brain screams "CUT TO CLOSEUP!! CUT TO CLOSEUP!!" but they don't and nature shows us - on film - in perpetuity how we all came from the liquidy sea......

Plus that hairdo.....