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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pretending to Speak English

Saw this at WFMU - a French friend in high school pretended to speak English - weird.....

Another great example is some of Love Psychedelic Orchestra's work...
hearable below.


Unknown said...

that's the best thing i've seen all day. belated merry christmas to you and the fam.


i like french viagra. plus i'm glad i came by so i could be a witness to the most courageous blogger in the blogosphere with the security and balls to quote johnny depp on his masthead, speaking of which, he likes French Viagra too.

the catcha was 'uncytor' if you were wondering. do you know how they 'captcha'? i don't. but what say we break the story in a 2-blog serial

bookish said...

this is AWEsome! I'm indian-american, and this reminds me of my relatives in india trying to copy my american accent (with less success than this guy.)

by the way, i think he's Italian, not French... :-)