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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Online Puppet - Phil Fumble - Winin' Boy

Just messin' around with the concept of the intertubes as toy. Holy Warbles has an interesting selection of musical tastes, and also a cool little embed service that links to many of his/her/its tracks as a playlist. The site is beautiful auditorily and visually. Either way, it has plenty of embeds, from differing services.

In conjunction with that, I was thinking of how to make an online puppet. A moronically featureless one, and I knew I had to use Flash because Shockwave is a thing of the past, really. So I searched for an online Flash Generator and found which let's you kinda build real flash - no ads but if you wanna "keep" your flash you have to buy it, other than that they will host it. But no redirects or limit to how many attempts to get it right. Pretty cool.

So I took the embedded music from Holy Warbles upload of Jelly Roll Morton's equisite Winin' Boy, and said "Now who's the winin' boy puppet gonna be?" The answer: Phil Fumble, because he ain't never satisfied despite his relationship with the fine ass Fritzi Ritz. He is, for all intents and purposes, a winin' boy. Plus he looks like Frank McHugh

INSTRUCTIONS: Start playing the music, then when the singing begins, click on Phil to open and close his mouth in order to have him sing along. FUN! Try to keep up. Also, next time your a-hole boss is ranting about some BS or your nagging spouse is yammering on about your shortcomings, just click on Phil to channel them into a pathetic online puppet! FUN AGAIN!

07. Winin' Boy Blues by holywarbler