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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mile 400

Oldman's Creek - the border of Salem and Gloucester counties New Jersey - Center of the Known Universe.

I had a huge delay in rideability owing to a spoke that broke on the cogset side, and I commenced taking it apart, not knowing what i was doing and ended up with ball bearings all over the place and parts I had never seen before. I had to buy a chain whip and a cassette tool and after half a can of degreaser, a tube of grease and truing of the spoke I got it all back together.

I used to hate the late Sheldon Brown, but now I love him, as well as the Park Tool company, both who hepled me through all the cofusing lingo and BS associated with this set of repairs.. Ha-HA I didn't hafta buy a wheel OR give a huge check to a repair shop!

So maybe not 1,000 miles this year, maybe only 600 - cheer me on readers- all 6 of you!