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Monday, January 26, 2015

I think this is where empiricists should be looking for...

I think this is where empiricists should be looking for explanations of people claiming to have paranormal experiences. If you take into consideration the fluctuating potential states that fill the “empty space” in an atom as well as the effects of Schroedingers’s cat and the Heisenberg principle, one can imagine that transcending time and space as a net effect of awareness having an effect of the condition of a collection of particles that can behave like waves, can make changes to outcomes based on will power, prayer, visualization, etc. There’s no control panel for it, and statistically can almost always be disproven (just like the recent sports performance studies disproving individual player greatness) so the prayers gonna pray, the visualizers gonna visualize and the goal setters gonna wind up their will power, and to them sometimes it seems like the universe is looking out for them.

Maybe. Maybe?

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