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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Horton Heat !!

Went to the House of Blues in Atlantic City. Deplorable shakedown by guards in the beginning after a 17 mile march past casinos - Dan Akroyd will roll over in his grave when he dies. Great show. Supersuckers came down on the empty garishness of Atlantic Shitty and Itelligent Design (Comparing jackalopes to Adam & Eve). It was Eddie Spaghetti's son Quatro's birthday - and my son's too henceforth known as "audience member". Heat came out and stopped the show in the middle to refute someone on their forum who said they had the same playlist for 10 years by playing 45 minutes of requests - after having played their whole Christmas album. Yike. Any way the old VGA cam came with me disguised on my keychain & since it takes such crappy photos I turned it into a rockin slideshow.