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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm in the groove now, baby!

Hey - how's my exclamation points working out? Pretty awesome, no? Well, here's the next one - U-Roy. Not U-Larry or U-Linda but U-Roy. I (and I) had hitched out west (instant way to be murdered nowadays) and read a whole big article on the Rastafarians on the way; U-Roy was a subcomponent of the whole "reggae-as-religion" concept. Now I think all - excuse me - ALL religion (I hit my keyboard key extra hard during the "ALL") are a waste of time or a highway to a suicide bomb or just not for me - do what feels good for you. But U-Roy remains a constant. Blah blah Blah - precursor to rap - blah blah blah toastmaster a la' Lee Perry - blah blah blah seminal influence - who gives a crap, this is the best song ever. Lissen.